looking for a SMALLER gun for ccw

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    Mar 13, 2006
    Hell everyone:) I have been looking to buy a smaller gun for ccw. I mean "smaller" in size, it really doesn't have to be in caliber. I own a ruger kp345 and a sig p226 and I'm looking for something that will be easier to conceal. I have looked at the bersa 380, the Walther ppks and the kel-tecs p-3at's (tiny litte thing!!!!).

    I went to the gun shop today and took a look at the millenum pro PT111 (felt good) and now I'm thinking that maybe I should go for something smaller than what I actually carry...BUT NOT THAT SMALL!!!
    I have also checked the P232 and the Glock 26...

    There is a big gun show next week and I'm planning to go and buy that "smaller gun" there (hopefuly)

    Any advise on what should I get?