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Looking for 10 rounds mag online?

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I did a search on GT forum and found magazine with 15 rounds only.

I need to get 6 to 7 Glock 22 magazine in 10 rounds. They will be used in a Gen 1 Glock, therefore I can take any mag (with or without the pre-cut).

Any place you recommend online? Last I check the cheapest ones are from CDNN at around $19 each new … I don’t mind used one neither.

Thanks for your help in advance!

PS – if I post in the wrong forum, Admin: feel free to move it, double thanks!
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They still have those for $19.99 and $9.99 fast shipping per order. I've bought hundreds of mags from them and their prices are hard to equal, let alone beat. Sometimes their Glock mags are $24.99 and I've gotten them cheaper elsewhere, but I check with them first.
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Lots of places have them. Lone Wolf, MidwayUSA, etc. California prices, though. usually has good prices and free shipping if over a certain $$ amount
I have two 10-rd .40 mags and two 10-rd .357 mags...would take $65 shipped for all four....excellent condition.
I got one by accident from Brownells my last order. I got a 3 pak of Hi Caps and needed one more, and did not read the product description well enough.

How about $49 shipped for the four?

Also have five LEO-marked 22 (or .357 Sig) 15-rd mags....$79 shipped.
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