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Longtime shooter; 1st time Glocker

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by PitAFCadet, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. PitAFCadet


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    Sep 9, 2003
    Shreveport LA
    I know I am preaching to the choir but I have to share my story.

    So last summer I took a class with the folks at Tactical Response. It was their tactical pistol @ the Hollidaysburg Sportsman Club.
    I took my CZ-75 (my 1st pistol) and did respectably well. The highlight of my skills was a 11rd grouping that fit within a 4in square shot at a distance of 25yds.

    But, with my traditional DA/SA pistol I kind of felt out of step with the 1911, HK, and Glock ppl.
    I should mention that I am a southpaw and of course my CZ has the safety on the wrong side. So my top dollar training was spoiled by me trying to manipulate the safety; meanwhile the glock users where just rocking n' rolling.

    So push comes to shove. I won a Win M70 coyote at a gun raffle and traded it straight up on a Glock 19. So I got my Glock 19 for $20. Luck of the irish :)

    So I take my 2 9mms with me to the range and a few of my friends. My CZ had 3 malfunctions in about 250 rounds; my sweetheart is giving me problems. However the G19 was everything I'd hope it would be. The one I got has a nice trigger on it. Not the "staple-gun" types that I sometimes tried out.

    Long story short I took my new glock to the range. On my 1st box of malfunctions..and I was making all the steel plates fall like a champ.

    So I took the Glock back with me to schoo (I live off campus) and I told my dad he can have my CZ (I'm such a good son)

    Question for the group...Does the glock barrel squeeze out extra velocity? It seems that my Glock 19 made the heavy steel plates fall easily when compared to the CZ which I think has a longer barrel

    Also can I get #730 for this forum?????