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Longslide for home/farm defense?

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I'm thinking a G34 with a light and maybe a halo sight or something. Has anyone set up a longslide for this purpose?

Would love to see your pics!
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I plan to work up some high velocity loads for my 17L to shoot coyotes at distance. Fortunately you’ll never have to shoot an alpha coyote in self defense, they do not operate like that. I have seen them running around catching rats while bush hogging and have missed a few with my G19.

My only coyote pistol kill to date was with a G26 and the surefire ‘backup’ light I carry.
I always grab the AR if I hear a coyote or strange sounds at night, but at 4 AM while getting car packed for work all I had was a pistol. Used the geography of the old former cotton field to loop around and intercept her (wanted to confirm those bobbing red eyes were absolutely a coyote). First shot was at 20 to 25 yards, rolled her. Chase ensued with several more shots fired.

No I don’t carry a box of Gold Dots in my pocket, they were in the glove box. It seemed like a cutesy picture idea at 4AM before my morning coffee :p

My dream long range critter pistol for farm carry would be a G40 MOS with a 9x25 Dillon Barrel (not compensated), Leupold Deltapoint Pro, and a Surefire 300x Ultra. That’s a lot of money though.
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