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A "long slide" Glock is defined as one with 6.0-inch barrel. They are the G17L in 9mm, G24 in 40SW, and G40 in 10mm. The 5.3-inch barrel G34 in 9mm, G35 in 40SW, and G41 in 45ACP are "competition" or "tactical/practical" models.

An all-OEM long-slide 6.0-inch Gen4 (or better, a Gen5 with Locking Block Pin) in 357SIG is my never-to-be-fulfilled dream Glock. I'd put a TLR-4 light/laser on it and call it ready for anything home or outside.

In lieu of the unavailable, a G24 would make a pretty good weapon for the OP's intents. It can be a little hard to find, however, so maybe a G35 or G40 instead.

I'd never choose anything in 9x19mm, nor would I be enthusiastic about 45ACP.
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