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Why do some people assume the shotgun is doesn't follow the rules of physics? It has been proven a 55gr soft point 5.56 round will penetrate less than 00 buck. You also have to take into account that when you miss with a shotgun, you now have 9-15 pellets flying in all directions expanding, which increases the chance for collateral damage.

If I were someone's neighbor, and absolutely had to have someone miss and shoot a round randomly through my house, I would hope that it wasn't a load of 00buck.

I don't understand why this is hard to understand, but I guess there is such a huge mythology attached to shotguns that some people just can't see the facts.
Not defenitive proof, but info from
Remington 55 gr, Jacketed Soft Point = penetrated 4 walls (8sheets)
Federal 50 grain, Frangible = 8 sheets
Remington 2 3/4", #4 Buck, 27 pellets = 6 sheets
2 3/4", #1 Buck, 16 pellets = 6 sheets
Remington 2 3/4", 00 Buck, 9 pellets = 7 sheets

I think it's a wash and all effective rounds penetrate enough walls to be dangerous if you miss. Solution? Miss as little as possible and use a round effective enough that you are likely to use fewer rounds. To me that's a 12ga, to others that's .223. It's a personal decision and, truth be told, most common choices will likely work. The only exception I make is that I would avoid handguns unless one has no choice but to clear rooms and is worried about a large gun that a perp can grab.
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