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Long gun storage in vehicle??

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If I wanted to have a "vehicle long gun" what would be the specifications of how I need to store/lock/secure it in a vehicle?

I'm pretty sure that ANY transport of a long gun other than to/from a smith or a range is illegal but I could be wrong.


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It is ABSOLUTELY legal for you to transfer and store your long guns in your car as long as they are unloaded. PA Uniformed Firearms Act explicitly makes this an offense. Keep your long guns and ammo separately, but it's perfectly legal to have inside your car, not just in your trunk.

As for locking them up, you have no legal requirements either. However, it's irresponsible to do so; e.g leaving unsecured guns in the vehicle. There is one exception, in Philadelphia, you may end up losing your LTCF if your gun is stolen out of your car REGARDLESS of how it is stored and/or secured. It's not a legal thing for Philadelphia to do, but they have done it before. While you may win your license back, it will take lots of money and time.

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