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Since my other thread was closed, I am starting this one to post the conclusion of my experience with Lone Wolf. I am trying to be completely fair to them so, Mods, please don’t close this one. I understand if you felt my other thread violated the rules, but that was not my intent.


I wasn’t getting anywhere by phone or email, so I resorted to The Lone Wolf Facebook page. I received a response in 15 minutes with their apologies and a promise that they would be in contact by phone before the day was over. They kept their promise and called about an hour later. Very courteous and helpful. They solved my issues right then and there. The gentleman I spoke with said that they are extremely understaffed and that he was all by himself answering phones yesterday. He did say that they are in the process of training new people though. Basically, I’d say don’t expect the greatest response to phone calls and emails right now while they are so short handed, but based on how I was treated once I got a hold of them, I’d say they are a good company to deal with and everything should be fine once they get their new people trained.

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Good to hear that they are making an effort to do the right thing, and are trying to handle their interior problems. And I imagine they appreciate you putting out a good word for them.
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