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Local used guns.

  1. Anyone know of a good online or even paper classisified ad to find firearms in FL? I know that you can do a FL only search on gunbroker.com, but unless you're getting a gun that no one else wants, or happen to get lucky your not really saving anything. Especially after paying shipping and transfer fees. I know that the coastaltrader has stuff from time to time, but am looking for other sources as well.
  2. I tried searching on Google using "florida gun dealers". There were a few listings found that might be worth a look if you haven't already seen them.

    As far as on-line classified ads from the local newpapers, I didn't see anything in the Orlando Sentinel except listings for a couple of gun shows.

    If you find a good on-line source, I'd like to see it and I'm sure others probably would too.
  3. Yeah right. Like I'm going to share my secrets on where to get great deals.:supergrin: Actually it would be great if people who know of places post them on here so we all have a place where we can buy stuff at great deals FTF. I found a site called "oodle" that had a few things. Then there's craigslist.com of course.