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Local preemption changes in Kentucky take effect

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Dukeboy01, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Dukeboy01

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    Lexington, KY

    In a nutshell, there were changes made to Kentucky Revised Statutes last year that were intended to clarify that local units of government could not pass laws or ordinances regulating firearms, including prohibitions against the open carry of firearms in publicly owned buildings and on public owned property. The concealed carry laws still allows local governments to prohibit the carrying of concealed weapons on public property. There just can't be a blanket ban of "No guns."

    So, we now have a situation where the law requires you to openly carry a firearm in certain publicly owned areas (if you wish to remain armed) with all of the drama and loss of tactical advantage that entails instead of removing the prohibitions against concealed carry that would keep the issue out of sight and out of mind for the masses.

    In my view, the whole thing is a tangled mess of unintended consequences, but then I'm not a state legislator. Makes me glad my LEO status affords me the right to carry concealed at "any and all times" within the Commonwealth.

    Here are links to the relevant laws:

    KRS 65.870 (The newly changed law)

    KRS 237.110 (Concealed Carry law generally)

    KRS 237.115 (Local units of government allowed to prohibit CCDW on public property)

    KRS 522.020 and 522.030 (Official Misconduct 1st and 2nd, which local officials may now be charged for under for violations of KRS 65.870)

    KRS 527.020 (Concealed Carry law- criminal violations and exemptions for law enforcement, carrying weapons in vehicles)
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  2. Reswob


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    In VA, we used to have to OC in restaurants. It was a stupid law, but OC'ing never caused an issue anywhere I ate. Most people are, a) oblivious, or b) assume you're a cop.

  3. Lord

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    with regards to tactical advantage... you have a point there... but I would still rather have mine openly visible than not with me at all.