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Local article on Senator Lugar

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by norton, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. norton


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    Sep 10, 2002
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    Senator Lugar from Indiana, who was retired by backing from the Tea party this year was given a tearful farewell by Andrea Neal in our local paper.
    As Andrea points out, ole Dicky was a compromisor. That meant he as a Republican caved in on Democrat ideas and bills.
    One of his accomplishments she crows was the support of the 1994 AWB bill. She notes how prescient he was when he stated Americans have the right to own guns for hunting and collecting but not to sweep a playground with an assault weapon.
    Should I bother to write a letter to the editor stating a fact. That after the 94 AWB, you could still buy-and I did-a Bushmaster with 10 round magazines, and that the magazines are easily and quickly replaced? Or should I just let this soft democrat nit wit continue to think the 94 AWB would have done anything to stop the tragedy in Conn.
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    Save your time. The IndyStar is staffed with nothing but lefties since the take over by Gannett from local ownership.

    As a Mourdock supporter, I am very close to this issue. In addition to Lugar's support for AWB, more recently, there were votes against the Thune Amendment (which even democrat Evan Bayh voted for) which lost by two votes, votes in favor of Sotomayor and Kegan. Conservative Republicans learned their lesson in 2010 when we split our votes among four real conservatives only to allow carpetbagger Dan Coates to slip through. It was the same with Romney this year. We need to get behind one good candidate and they will win.
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