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That was a very informative video. Maybe I'm just a Military geek, but I watched the whole thing and remained very interested throughout. Thanks for sharing.

I still have my LCE set up with a few minor changes. I found a holster that would except my G20SF and have it attached to my right side. As a Ranger, we were required to cut all of the metal attachments that attached the harness to the web belt and replace them with 550 parachute cord. It reduces the hot spots caused when wearing a rucksack (alice pack). We were also required to attach each individual piece down with 550 cord and the canteens were also secured with a length of 550 cord wrapped around the neck of the canteen. This was done to insure that when you jumped out of an aircraft the equipment didn't come off and hit someone below you on the drop zone. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
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