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Llama 22 pistol

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mga sirs,

ask ko lang po is this is available in the phils and if anyone know how much?

also any advice on 22 pistols for practice lang po and outdoor fun.

thanks in advance.
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went to the local gunstore that was newly opened.

saw a brochure for Bersa 22 thunder. mukha namang okay kaso the price was astounding 24,000!!!

i thought that it would be economical to look for a 22 firearm but it seems i was mistaken...

by the way ...

Hahn in SM Pampanga had a display of the unit but it was 22-6 and nickel plated which I thought would be more expensive...

to my surprise it was 18,000 plus 6 thou license etc...

I'm getting confused all of a sudden...

di ba dapat mas mahal ung 22-6 dahil nickel plated at ung 22thunder po ay itim lang ang paint???

kindly enlighten me naman po....
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