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Lizzie from TWD all grown up...

  1. [​IMG]

    I knew she was gonna grow up to be gorgeous.
  2. Keep calm and look at the flowers.
  3. Dude. Brighton Sharbino was 11-13 years old during her time on The Walking Dead.
  4. Yeah and?

    i said I knew she was going to grow up to be gorgeous.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. 17 isn't all grown up. Oh wait. I see you're from Tennessee. :D
  7. Pretty big difference between “I thought she was gorgeous” and “I knew she was going to be gorgeous.” Someone arguing otherwise might, just might be projecting, LOL!
  8. She's 17!
  9. 17? She looks 27, jeezus.
  10. 51+ZdjJf0VL._AC_.jpg

    I never though of her as hot....

    Super weird kid but not hot...
  11. Hmmm... [​IMG]
  12. I believe the OP pic was taken 9/25/18 so she had JUST turned 16.
  13. So will her boobs get any bigger?
  14. I have been a fan of the show from the first one.And watched them all come and go. Princess who is the latest to enter is funny good Since she wields around a FN. M249 And leaps around Minefields.

    That show brought back the Python for many a collector, And they have used a vast array of guns on that show. Which has interested me to see they have used from WW2 to current,I am sure having T.W.D. on the resume might help her in some future roles. If the Covid does not destroy whats left of the film industry de2d54da437546e7428b943002d17d93.jpg
  15. DifficultFlusteredAcornbarnacle-small.gif
  16. Note to GT: Don't ever let MaxxAction babysit your daughters!
  17. I have not seen the last three seasons.

    I quit watching because it seemed that no matter how long they were in that world, they never learned anything. Stupidity for dramatic effect.

    FTWD I have seen all of, and I think it evolved into a better show than TWD did.
  18. Is this the one that Carol shot in the back of the head?
  20. yes!

    "Look at the flowers."
  22. She turned out alright, didn't she....
  23. Kip Winger was a ****** (feminine hygiene product).
    The band sucked, but that song is a guilty pleasure of mine.
  24. Pretty funny......

    ....... what about Arkansas?
  25. When I was 17 the girls didn't look like that.
  26. No, but who cares! BTW, she's 17, ya'll calm down now ya hear!

  27. Sweet Little 16 - Chuck Berry

    She Was Only 16 - Dr. Hook

    She Was Only 17 - Marty Robbins

    Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon - Neil Diamond

    Christine Sixteen - KISS

    You're 16, You're Beautiful, and You're Mine - Johnny Burnett

    I Saw Her Standing There (Well She Was Just 17 ... ) - The Beatles

    We sure got uptight somewhere along the way.

    Me personally, I like big butts and I cannot lie.
  28. What's a TWD?
  29. These other brothers can't deny...
  30. The Walking Dead also can be like some gun forums depending on which ones you decide to visit.Before the internet you just hung out in the park or School lot and had fights.... And you grew up fast...And sometimes looked like this... image11whollstoprain.jpg
  31. Ah, ok that explains my ignorance; I have no use for acronyms nor do I have any interest whatsoever in the zombie thing.
  32. Nothing at all "DEAD" about Lizzy....
  33. Two Wheel Drive.
  34. I didn’t have a clue either.
  35. Brains not included.
  36. Yeah but i bet you liked the pic..of the gun. walking_dead_guns.jpg
  37. I dunno. Does she know a good plastic surgeon? Actually, I hope not.

  38. Is that show still running?
  39. [​IMG]
  40. I am no longer the expert on teen boob development that I once was.

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  41. LOL, you would have lost that bet!! After owning over a dozen AR's of nearly every variety from 9mm to 458 SOCOM, I consider them fully played out! I now only own two AR's; a preban SGW (stopsign) XM177 rifle and a DSI lower for my Shrike belt fed upper. I also have a Spike's Tactical Crusader lower for a pistol build that I have yet to decide on components for. Udder than that they're just 'right common as they say in these parts. I much more enjoy owning other semi auto military rifles & large platform rifle caliber pistols...AKM's/Saiga's, AR180, PTR-91, FAL's, BM59's, RA M96, Zastava M92, CZ 805 BREN S1P, etc. :)

  42. Who can forget the creepiest of them all

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vhFnTjia_I
  43. reported. :)
  44. Thread of the day right here, going to be hard to beat!

  45. We were definitely in need of something to lighten the mood in here....
  46. Ok so the OP proved he is a sick ****. Let’s move on now....lol.

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  47. I'd wait another 5 months then still pass.
  48. "
    "she was 16 said she was 18 looked like she was 25. I tell you Doc when that red..." Jack: One Flew Over the Cucukoo Nest