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Live Trump Rally from Toledo Ohio

  1. Just thought you would want to see this.

    He just started speaking about 5 minutes ago. He sounds so much better without a script.
  2. I’m watching now.
  3. He is going to smash the hell out of the Democrats. Holy crap.
  4. Nervous Nancy. :animlol:
  5. My 18 year old cousin has been there since noon with his friend. He got stage side in the 5th row. I didn't even know he was a Trump supporter, since politics is never mentioned at family functions.
  6. Hopefully a lot of previously unheard from Trump supporters come out and make their views known on election day :)
  7. I'm recording it. My wife is working late, so I'll watch it with her when she gets home. :)

  8. what is it that makes you believe what he says? he has told 15,000 lies now and still counting. you can not believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
  9. lol troll.jpg
  10. Wanna go to the next Trump rally with me...??? I`ll make sure that Trump announces your presence to the crowd and how you feel about our president. I bet i can get them to let you get up there and speak, too! Come on, whatta ya say.
  11. I smell a liberal snowflake?
  12. This sounds like something you'd hear on CNN. "15,000 lies" "Trump said 80% of women get sexually assaulted trying to cross the border. It's actually higher than that. See he lied! Got'em!"
  13. Sad and pathetic. ID noted for future troll reference.
    Hope you enjoy 2020.
  14. We'll count him/her among the leftists who are heartbroken that WW3 didn't break out in the Gulf... :upeyes:

  15. LOL... he spoke pretty good of Nancy & Schiff

  16. 022E6CFD-2B3F-4038-B2D0-7F7000976262.jpeg
  17. "Trump lies"...basically just a liberal media propaganda ploy. The "lies" typically run along these lines...Trump: "We've added about 250,000 jobs this month". Fact check says 248,500. Liberals: "Another Trump lie!"
  18. Liberal heads exploding.
  19. I'm just going to go ahead and make him invisible. At almost 61, I don't suffer fools gladly.
  20. Fool
  21. ...and 2021 and 2022 and 2023 and 2024. :rofl:

    Happyguy :)

  22. Aww does the wittle snowfwake need a hug?
  23. Could you mame just the top 10 lies? OK, any 10 lies.
    Maybe you just feel like he lies.
    I feel the same way when Shiff or Pelosi speak.
    Always have to make sure the liar is not in your own head.
  24. the lies have been fact checked. So no one has a answer?so just ignore the question and it will go away or talk about something else. kinda sounds like trump
  25. Looks like the progressive troll just wants to make stupid statements and has no intention of engaging in a conversation. I can't say I'm surprised.

    NPC much?

    Happyguy :)
  26. You mean his buddy Bezos' fact checking. Known opposition keeping track? (Are they always truthful themselves? You ask?)


    Muahahahaha... well... sure... braggadocio. Politicians... lips moving... (you know) Same with NYC Developers and LA Reality TV Game Show Hosts one supposes.

    The Best! The Biggest! The Greatest Ever! You're Fired! Like that (entertaining tales [lies] to make a buck)

    MAGA!? (it's always/never been great said others, thus... another lie)

    Be that as it may, Certain People do seem to love him and his Rally's. Could it be due to his college records not being locked? Nah. His teleprompter reading skills when speaking to the People? Nah

    His wife? (which number is she? 3? 4?)

    No silly troll (are you?)... it's because he makes liberal progressive tears flow as he wades thru the Augean Stable's crap that is our National Capitol
  27. :nutcheck:
  28. Trolls-3.gif
  29. Please name your top 10?
  30. :impatient:
  31. 45AB7513-66F3-4A03-A32A-840B38C91C17.jpeg
  32. Trump is very prone to serious exaggeration, but not many outright lies.

    The only way i can see people coming up with such a high number of lies is to take every overblown exaggeration, joke, and bit of hyperbole completely literally.
  33. just this morning he tweeted support for iran people. but in fact he tweeted about blowing up there religious artifacts. He double talks all the time. That is called a lie. The question was how can you believe some one who lies or double talks. A honest answer to a honest question please.
  34. But your still voting for him right?
  35. :animlol:
  36. What made you believe what Hillary and Bill Clinton said? (Both known criminals.)
    How about Obama? (the worst President EVER)
    If you are old enough, no doubt you are dumb enough to have voted for those slugs.

    Have YOU EVER done anything for this country.
    Surely you didn't have the guts to serve in the military.

    You just make yourself look pathetic.
    Go back to DU with the other Snowflakes little boy, and leave the adults alone.
  37. That the best you've got? No keeping your Dr, health plan, or Beghazi video maker that caused the death if our ambassador?

    Where do you think the dictators in the middle east, hide their weapons and things they are hiding?

    I'd venture to say the schools, synagogues and holy places are very dangerous places, for the average Iranian.

    After 8 years of min by min lies from Barry the magnificent, this is grounds for removing him from office?

    Cry me a river and seek counseling, cause it's going to be rough on you over the next 5 years!
  38. This is the lie.
    Communist repeat lies until they pass as accepted.
  39. no that is what trump is doing.to follow some one who lies you have to be stupid! trump only has 75% of his followers and he barely won the election so good luck with that.
  40. [​IMG]
  41. :animlol:
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  43. He's here in Milwaukee tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.

    Best part will be the MSM showing liberals convulsing on the sidewalk in front of the arena.
  44. In what tweet did he threaten “blowing up there (sic) religious artifacts”...?
    I missed that one.
  45. I'm expecting the reply to be something like "okay, well he never actually said that, but you know what he meant".

    It doesn't matter what he actually says or does, these poor demented tds victims will twist it into something negative. Numnuts should open a pretzel factory
  46. WV guy can choke on coal dust....unless democrats close the state.
  47. Wasn’t Cpl Klinger from Toledo?!
  48. Wow, slick deflection, well not really, pretty pathetic actually. When asked a direct question, name the top ten, you can’t do it. Heck you could have googled it, I’m sure there are “Trump’s top ten whoppers” and they would pop up a a decaying body, known as a floater in the trade, and wouldn’t pass the whiff test either.