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Live Trump presser.

  1. Spicer was awesome on the opening....
  2. so far, SOOO GOOOOOOD!
  3. CIA has painted target on trump!
  4. [​IMG]
    Im more worried about Pappa Pope and B6-13
  5. :rofl:

    To whom did President Donald J. Trump just say, "Don't be rude! Don't be rude! You don't get a question! You are fake news!"


    Got to love a man who stays true to himself!

    Still "The Greatest Show on Earth!"


    Happyguy :)
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    greatest wednesday of the new year of 2017!
  7. that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i hope he schools CNN and puts them in the childish safe spaces every presser.
    Spicer is gonna smack these kids around.
    they better Step their Game Up!
  8. This was AWESOME, I started clapping lol.
  9. I only caught the last 7-8 minutes. Glorious. Gotta watch the whole thing later.
  10. CNN was who he told off.
  11. Stephanopolous is stuttering, nits are being picked.

  12. Jim Acosta, CNN.
  13. the sunday morning talk shows are all problematic.
    they are all operatives every one of them.
    they are all a conflict of interest.
    They are the problem.
  14. I hope that he resends CNN's White House press credentials. Lock them out.

  15. I thought that too, but even better is letting them in and NEVER taking a question.
  16. I'd almost put money that CNN an a few others will be giving standing room only at the back wall of the press room. Their front row status is gone.
  17. NO! NO! NO!

    It's far to entertaining to watch them pee in their panties at being made a fool of on national tv. :rofl:

    I think he'll keep them around just for entertainments sake. :rofl:

    Happyguy :)
  18. when Trump held his private conference with the media heads and pundits, didnt he give them all a warning and a shot across the bow to knock it off and clean it up?
    i wonder who got that memo and who didnt.
  19. I hope he keeps publicly reminding the Propaganda Corps what lowlife filth they are and that the days of fawning over the Emperor and lying to cover tyranny are over.
  20. upload_2017-1-11_17-58-7.jpeg
  21. so blunt you got to love him.
  22. [​IMG]
  23. you are all missing something here, i think he is making too many enemies, these people are also very power and they can hurt or frustrate all his effort. i really think he should be more subtle. he knows the fake and the real and we know them too. that's all that matter.
  24. Riiiiiiggghhhtt, Trump wasn't elected because he was "subtle" and willing to be bullied by the media. The working class citizens of the US have remained "subtle" and fallen victim to the left for long enough, we are done playing nice, and Trump's press conference further instilled confidence for me.
  25. Correct. We are a movement of over 62 million citizens! Look at the below capture of his Twitter following...................... 20 million!! Touch a button, 20 million of your followers get your message! The networks WISH they had that kind of power!!!

  26. I believe the other side has 62 million supporters as well. I sincerely hope he can unite us and undo all the damage obumo the clown did.
  27. Nonsense.

    Trump is not "making" enemies, Trump is fighting existing enemies.

    Anyone that believes that the Main Stream Media has not been the enemy of the Republican party and especially President Elect Trump, has not been paying attention or have just come out from under a rock.
  28. yeah right, when you lie down, make sure you are on your stomach
  29. The media has no power over Trump. None. They tried their level best to keep him out of the White House, and failed.
  30. @steve4102 i totally agree with you 100%. i just saying in the future i will like to see him care less of what ever the fake news creators have to say about. i'm just saying.
  31. He should never "Care less" of what lies and twisted facts that the Main Stream Media says about himself, his family, his administration and His Country.

    When they lie, and they will, he needs to do as he has been doing and call them what they are "Liars", each and every time, no matter how small or how large, a lie should never be ignored.
  32. I can't believe this wasn't posted yet:

  33. :nutcheck: