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    Little Johnny went into math class and took his desk. The teacher who was aware of his proneness to cause trouble warned him sternly that he should be good or he would be sent to the office. As class began, little Johnny began getting into trouble as teacher was demonstrating a math problem on the board.

    "Little Johnny go to the office" she hollered out. Little Johnny argued that he had been paying attention.

    Teacher decided to ask him a question to see if he was indeeed paying attention.

    "Little johnny, there are 5 crows sitting on a fence, and you walk up and shoot one. How many crows are left on the fence?"

    Little johnny thought about it and replied "none."

    Teacher stated indignantly that he wa swrong. "Five minus one equals four, so go to the office."

    Little Johnny says smugly, "yeah but if you shoot one crow the rest are going to fly away!"

    Teacher thought about it and said "I like the way your thinking but your still wrong!"

    With that little Johnny said "Let me ask you a question "there are three women at baskin Robbins... ones licking her ice cream, ones biting her ice cream, and ones sucking her ice cream. Which one is married?"
    Teacher turns bright red and stammers "why little Johnny... thats the one biting her ice cream but I fail to see...
    Little Johnny interupts with "No, the one with the wedding ring, but I like the way your thinking!"