Little Johnny

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Little Johnny and his friends were talking about condoms in school one day. Basically he knew where they were used and their purpose, but not much more than that. So he decided to go to a local drug store to buy a few in order to learn more about them.

    As to not waste too much time, he asked the pharmacist if he had any condoms for sale. The pharmacist replied, "Why yes, we have them three for a dollar."

    Johnny replied, "I'll take three."

    When the pharmacist tallied the amount the register, the total came to one-dollar and six cents.

    Johnny said, "Wait a minute, what's the six cents for? I thought you told me they were three for a dollar."

    The pharmacist replied, "That's for the tax on them."

    Little Johnny said, "Oohh, I thought they stayed on by themselves."