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List of Federal riot cases charged as of 4:45 today from DOJ

  1. List of Federal riot cases charged as of 4:45 today from DOJ: +35 cases, +45 individuals: alleged attacks on officers, homemade explosives and Molotov Cocktails, inciting violence, illegal possession firearms, burning patrol cars, looting, damage government property

  2. Should be 10 times that.
  3. That's just the ones they caught.
  4. Federal cases can be slow build up to get guys to flip on the bigger targets like the financial guys behind the riots.
  5. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of them.
  6. Yes, but at least they got some.
  7. Making them examples is a must! No easy out's. Hopefully, the thugs that got away, will reconsider how dedicated to the "AGENDA", they're invested.

    Some serious prosecution, to the full extent of the law, is the only avenue to stopping this early on.................... and we know where the MSM will take it!

    Fry them!:steamed:
  8. None of these peons being arrested know who is paying the bills.
  9. I'd say 1000 times that if the any of the video circulating is real.

    There are 30 people tearing down a statue on Twitter...
  10. It’s climbing a tree. One gives up a person who recruited them, or gave them money, then the DOJ takes that information, makes a case on them then flips them on the guy higher than them. And up the tree they climb.
  11. They still get a jury trial. Law and order will have really broken down when it gets to the point these people are not convicted and set free.
  12. I work in a Federal prison. I see lots of new customers in the future!!!!!

  13. there is bound to be lots of video out there, wont be able to nab them all though
  14. Saggin pants?