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Lindsey Graham tied?

  1. I didn't think this race was supposed to be close.


    The race between South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Democrat Jaime Harrison is tied, according to another new poll released Wednesday.

    Harrison and Graham are tied at 48 percent among likely voters, according to the Quinnipiac University poll. It matches a handful of recent public surveys this month that have shown the two candidates deadlocked as Graham faces the toughest reelection campaign of his career.

    The contest between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden is also very close, despite Trump carrying South Carolina easily four years ago. Trump leads Biden, 48 percent to 47 percent in the poll, which was conducted prior to the presidential debate Tuesday.

    Harrison's image ratings are stronger than Graham's: 48 percent of voters view Harrison favorably, while 35 percent hold an unfavorable view of the Democrat. Graham's image is upside down, with 51 percent of voters holding an unfavorable view, and 43 percent viewing him favorably.
  2. Maybe Lindsey ought to actually do something for the good of our country instead of constantly braying in front of the cameras while doing nothing constructive. People might be motivated to go and vote for a "doer." Judiciary Committee chairman doing nothing to at least expose the DOJ.
  3. Politico, huh? :animlol:

  4. I'm a South Carolina voter. Harrison is bombarding the tv with ads and running a much better campaign than Graham. To date, Graham's is one of the weakest senate campaigns I've ever seen. In the end, I think Trump will will the state handily and bring Graham along with him.
  5. I'm in SC and my wife and I will vote for him but he is a lot of talk and no action.
  6. I'm getting bombarded with anti Graham mail.
  7. All those immigrants that Ms. Lindsey loves so much are all voting D. :animlol:

    Pretty ironic. Ms. Lindsey enthusiastically supported flooding America with 3rd world immigrants, assuming that she would never be affected. Now she might be hoisted on her own petard, as the saying goes. :animlol:

    I couldn't care less if this traitor loses. Losing a Senate seat is a price worth paying, in order to make an "example" of what happens to treacherous liberal RINOs who constantly betray the conservative base.
  8. I would be happy to see that hypocrite voted out.

    He is the poster boy for “what the hell happened to the Republican Party?”
  9. Yeah, he did piss me off when he was hand in hand with turn coat McCain.
  10. Easy answer. Yes. Always. They're almost all "push polls" designed to discourage Trump turnout.
  11. Nope....I'll be voting for the Queen Of RINOs...old Suzy-Q Collins here. May have to hold my nose when filling in the ballot, but she is at least a smidgen of a little bit better than the alternative.

    Plus she's easy on the eyes....
  12. Only if you believe useless polls. I certainly don't. The only poll that matters is election day.
  13. Yeah, he did piss me off when he was hand in hand with turn coat McCain.

  14. Susan Collins is easy on the eyes??? :alex::alex::alex:

    You might want to schedule an eye doctor appointment! ;):p
  15. If you're 85!
  16. The fact their poll shows Trump and Biden only 1% point different tells the whole story. They are lying.
  17. Ha-Ha.....standards are a little different up here, especially with cold weather coming.
    Just check out @orangejeep06 's "hawty"....out Lovely Governess, Janet Mills.
  18. [​IMG]

  19. Yikes....I'm not sure if that's a man, a woman, or something else!
  20. I would too if there was somebody that doesn't pose clear and present danger to the working people of this great nation, but alas there is NO democrat that fits that bill. So it's Lindsey or the democrat communist manifesto.
  21. That looks like Mike Myers in drag.
  22. I dunno if you have to travel far to do it but get an eye exam :mememe:
  23. Hey now, you leave me outta your imagination @FullClip, lol.
    She’s special alright, a special kinda stupid.
  24. E8E9EF26-DA15-4520-B1D7-23B4F882B143.jpeg
    She reminds me of the original Dr. Zaius (Planet of the Apes):
  25. Quinnipiac......

    The heart and soul of Northeastern Libs.
  26. She looks a bit like Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th. Not kidding.
  27. Do you remember how the moon-bats called LePage "The Penguin"??

    Can you imagine the outrage if anybody called yer girl Janet "Dr Zaius" in the BDN comment section??
  28. Another spineless do nothing deep stater. But I'd still vote for him over any lefty.
  29. Double tap
  30. Come on South Carolina...don't give this seat to a racist democrat. Please get out and vote.
  31. That would be hysterical to witness the lefties losing their collective minds over that. Tolerant left my ass, those clowns living by the coast would put down their soy lattes and charge up their Prius’s for a snail’s pace run to the Blaine House,light candles and hold hands signing Kumbaya in support of the govnah while our local media outlets would say that those darn white supremists are at it again and it’s all LePage’s fault ya know.
  32. I like it and hope it's accurate, although I don't think it is. Graham winning in a squeaker might bring him around. Republicans needs to think back over the last 20 years and realize they only win big when they act conservative.
  33. Margin of error said to be + or - 2.9%, so add 3 points to whoever you want.

    1123 so-called likely voters, but were they upstate or downstate, urban or rural?
    How many were registered democrats?

    How many voted for Clinton last time?
    Hillary got 41% and Trump got 55% actual votes in 2016, I wonder what the polls predicted?

    Quinnipiac University is a tiny school in liberal Connecticut with only about 10,000 students or enough to fill only 1/9 of the seats in the stadium at a Univ. of Fla football game.
    Insignificant media tool.
  34. Lindsey Graham has denounced the proud boys as "Racist", and says that President Trump needs to "make it clear" that he condemns the Proud Boys.

    Ms. Lindsey, who has been on TV lately desperately begging for campaign donations, tweeted that "I agree with @SenatorTimScott statement about President Trump needing to make it clear Proud Boys is a racist organization antithetical to American ideals."



    Really, Ms. Lindsey? How exactly are the Proud Boys "a racist organization antithetical to American ideals"?

    I couldn't care less if this RINO clown loses reelection.

    And I'm starting to feel the same way about Ms. Lindsey's fellow RINO senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott, who basically endorses and propagates liberal political correctness every chance he gets.

    What is wrong with South Carolina? Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley.

    Why do they keep they electing so many RINOs?
  35. The GOP can't afford to lose any Senate seats
  36. Its interesting that Harrison worked as a lobbyist for the Podesto group.

    Most of his campaign money (30 million) is coming from out of state while he says it is a grassroots effort. If it came from within as a grassroots effort, SC current state population is approx 5 million.

    That means every person in the state would have to donate $6.

    This is historically a Republican state! with a large qty of retired military.

    Whats really happening is that the Soros / Clinton / DNC team is attempting to buy another seat.