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Close to home...

Armed Homeowner holds Intruders at Bay.

July 13, 2011 – Two Hickory men were arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday morning after they got an unexpected surprise while trying to break into a home east of Lincolnton.

The suspects did not count on the homeowner being there and being armed with a gun.

The incident happened around 10am Tuesday at a home in the 1500 block of Warwick Court.

The two suspects – identified by the Sheriff’s Office as James Rubenstahl, 33, and Robert Rubenstahl, 22 – first knocked on Jerry Bowen’s door before kicking the door in.

One of the suspects started in the residence but was forced back outside by Bowen, who was armed with a firearm.

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Detective Matt Lykins said Bowen fired a warning shot and held the men at bay until Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene and took them in custody.

Both men are charged with one count each of felony breaking and entering and attempted larceny. Both were taken to the Lincoln County Jail under secured bonds.

The Rubenstahl’s will be in district court today.
Glad they owner ended up OK, but firing a warning shot as they kick in the door and start in.... hmmmm.... Intruders very lucky.
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