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limited edition Gen4 G22

  1. $469.
    ordered an extended slide stop.
    tomorrow will put some rounds through it.

  2. Nice.
    Let us have a range report.
  3. What is Limited Edition about it?
  4. Congrats on the G22.
  5. Price is always reduced on factory seconds when slide and frame colors don't match. :)
  6. :laughabove::laughabove::laughabove:

    love the gonorrhea green!
  7. 200 rounds.
    zero malfunctions.
    two different bullet weights (165 and 180).
    three different styles of bullet (180 hard cast from Dardas, FMJ and JHP).
    accuracy at 15 yards, rapid fire:

    recoil mild to stout, plinker lead was a cupcake (AA#5 at 5.6 charge weight). no leading, took a bore light with me to inspect after each magazine.
    AA#7 and FMJ told me a story at 8.8 charge weight.
    Autocomp 6.8 charge weight and JHP somewhere in between.

    my other three GLOCKS all Gen 4 (G20, G29, G19) all required some break in time. all three of them USA.
    G22 is Austrian, good out of box, zero BTF, all brass recovered, stacked nicely to my right between 4 and 7 feet.
  8. That is a killer there! Badass!
    Cool lookin too.
  9. Congratulations on your new Glock! Nice color :)
  10. Fantastic looking Glock gotta love the colored frames
  11. Special?
    What makes it special?
  12. Congrats ........:dancingbanana:
  13. Guacamole Glock or Guac.
  14. A Guac22? What ever the name, I like it.

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  15. Very nice!
  16. Are all the current G22 gen4 stamped Austria ?
  17. Seems to have shipped with night sights.
  18. Very nice!!! Love it!!!
  19. Congratulations. I like that ODG frame :cheers: