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Lil Red hen

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Nov 3, 2006.

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    There once was a lil red hen in a barnyard. One day the lil red hen was scratching at the ground, and found three wheat seeds. "Oh my" she said. "I can plant these seeds and next season we can have bread. Who will help me plant them ?"
    " Not I" said the goose.
    "Not I "said the pig.
    " Not I "said the goat.
    So the lil red hen went off and planted her seeds. All during the season, while the other barnyard animals layed around the barnyard doing nothing, the lil red hen toiled endlessly to make sure her wheat grew tall and healthy.
    Later when it was time to harvest her wheat, she asked , "who will help me harvest the wheat, so that we may have bread from it".
    "Not I "said the goose.
    "Not I "said the pig.
    "Not I "said the goat.
    So the lil red hen went to work by herself, and labored nonstop until she had harvested all of the wheat. Now she asked, "who will mill the wheat so that we may make it into bread".
    "Not I "said the goose, "I dont want to lose my unemployment check".
    "Not I "said the pig, "if social services finds out Im working, I'll lose my food stamps".
    "Not I "said the goat, "since Im in the barnyard illegally, I dont want to draw attention to myself, and be deported". So the lil red hen again by herself, went about the chore of baking the bread.
    Soon the smell of freshly baked bread, began to drift across the barnyard, and quickly the goose, the pig, and the goat came running to the lil red hen's door, begging for their share.
    "Wait", the lil red hen said. "I planted, harvested, ground, and baked this wheat into loaves of bread, all by myself. None of you were willing to help me, so youre not entitled to any".
    Oh how they raised a fuss. They paraded around in the barnyard waving picket signs, and chanting slogans, and soon a government man came to see what the ruckus was about. Very shortly he went to see the lil red hen, and told her that it didnt matter that no one had helped her to get what she had. She had to divide her bread equally among the barnyard animals. He said thats how the system works. "Oh" she said. "Im glad I know how the system is supposed to work now. Thank you for explaining that to me". So she divided all of her bread among the animals and soon it was all gone. She thought to herself Im glad the government man came and set me straight. Now I know that I dont have to work for what I want. All I have to do is sit back and wait and complain , and I will be given anything I need or want. So, next year instead of planting anything, the lil red hen joined the party, and waited for her government handout.
    And the Democrats smiled.