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Like Button Pop-Up Box??

  1. Lately when I click on the "LIKE" button I frequently get a little gray pop up box with a crossed out circle in it. On a couple occasions, a big pop up screen comes up and asks if I really want to like this post.

    Anybody knows why this happens??
  2. That's the first step of the banning process. :dunno:
  3. I've had the "Are you sure you want to like this post" popup. Not sure why it would even be necessary.
  4. Yeah I get it when I hit like on @Fullclips post and it says, You got to be kidding you really liked that? Hit Like again to confirm!
  5. Update your browser or something. I've never seen anything like that.
  6. I didn't really like your post but had to test it. Nothing like that here.

    You are obviously incorrectly trying to like a bad post, not hard to understand. :p
  7. FullClip's sneaky way of getting more likes.

    You know you are going to hit the like button to see if it pops up.
  8. I have seen it but I also click on a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t....
  9. Re-Read the original post. I said "LIKE", not "LICK"
  10. Meh, software glitch; log out and back in and/ or restart your device...
  11. If I like something I am licking it.
  12. Never had that happen to me. Maybe it's because I have a pop-up blocker.
  13. Like the window?
  14. Darn tootin.
  15. 4 way windowpane
  16. Poles??

  17. Cheers, brother.:cheers:
  18. I’m not sure if I should reply to this or not.....:headscratch:
  19. The old "Flick Lick"...
  20. Hit the Unlike button.
  21. Tried that once, once I say.
  22. [​IMG]
  23. I'm afraid it would more like....

  24. upload_2020-6-6_16-37-17.png
  25. Nice but this makes me feel a special way.......:hearts:

  26. I love her.

    and it’s hard for me to admit love.

    Not really...

    I love a lot of freaky stuff,,,