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Lightning Strikes (FOX News)

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockrunner, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Monday, July 11, 2005

    A little girl's bed in Kansas was struck by lightning — and she lived to tell the tale.

    Kaylee Shriner, 7, was sleeping in her own bed in the town of Tonganoxie, 25 miles west of Kansas City, when a bolt of lightning struck her house on the morning of June 30.

    The jolt went through the roof, into the house's frame, down a metal beam and into the steel springs of Kaylee's mattress, which was touching a bedroom wall.

    Kaylee told the Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World that a loud noise woke her up, and that her bed then got very hot. She opened her eyes and saw flames coming out of her mattress, so she and her sister, Kristen, 5, ran to tell their parents.

    "My mom thought that I was on fire, but I wasn't, it was my bed," Kaylee explained to KMBC-TV of Kansas City. "[Dad] was coming down the hallway, and we said, 'Dad, Dad, our room is on fire; my bed is on fire!'"

    "Smoke was coming off her [Kaylee's] hair," her father, Trent Shriner, told the Tonganoxie Mirror. "She has frizzy hair and it was puffed with smoke. She had soot on her face and Sheetrock in her hair."

    Kaylee described her parents' reaction. "He said a bad word, and then Mom heard it, and then she went upstairs, and then she said a bad word," she told KMBC. "There were lots of bad words around here."

    Trent Shriner tried putting the fire out, but couldn't. He considered throwing it out the bedroom window, but figured that would take too long.

    So he grabbed the flaming mattress and dragged it down the stairs and into the front yard, singeing his own arms and legs in the process. His wife, Kyla, followed, putting out the small carpet fires that sparked up along the way.

    In the end, no one was hurt and damage to the house was minimal — an electrical outlet had melted, two hand-held pinball games with dead batteries suddenly lit up again and Kaylee's unicorn doll, Snow, was warped by the blaze.

    "The horn was shrinked and so were the feets and the tail," Kaylee told the Journal-World. "It was very special to me. But my grandma might get me a new one."