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Great question. I have thought about that, as well as a BG's potential use of a laser pointer to cause temporary blindness, although those are much harder to keep aimed at the eyes of a dodging and weaving head (which would be most people's natural reaction).

I agree with Mas' answer that BG's are less likely to use flashlights than LEOs or GGs. That makes sense given how, generally speaking, bright light is not the BG's friend. Darkness conceals them, their approach, their attack, and their flight afterwards.

Moreover, flashlights are a distance tool. GG's use them to sweep an area they're approaching to identify potential hazards or threats. Whereas the BG uses stealth to identify his would-be victim. The BG then needs to close the distance to preserve the element of surprise for launching his attack. (Which, as we know, is why most self-defense shootings take place at distances of 3 to 5 feet.) At contact distances, neither a flashlight nor laser pointer will be of much use to the BG because (a) either one could be easily batted away by the GG; and (b) they're far less likely to help the BG gain victim compliance as would a knife/baseball bat/handgun any one of which, I'm sure, the BG would rather be holding than a light.

Mas said that if he were lit up by a high-intensity light, he'd assume it's a LEO. I think that's probably a safe bet. But if a GG wanted to be sure, he could quickly flash on/off his own handheld flashlight (aimed not at the eyes but in the general direction of the light) to confirm it's indeed a uniformed officer approaching.

Stay safe.
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