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Light polishing of Glock firing pin- Any downside?

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Having watched and done the Glock "25 cent trigger job" I was wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage to gently polishing the entire Glock firing pin. No metal removal, of course, just a smoother finish for less resistance. Good results on the polishing and better still with an OEM Glock "-" connector and then an Overwatch DAT trigger.

Any thoughts or opinions?
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It won’t accomplish anything and does (depending on how much is done) create a risk.

At the point the trigger bar is moving down the face of the firing pin you are forcing the trigger bar against the slope of the connector - a polished or unpolished firing pin will never be noticed compared to the resistance of the trigger bar against the connector slope. The exception would be if the firing pin lug had a nick or burr large enough to snag the trigger bar.

The risk is if material is removed and it changes the angle of engagement with the trigger bar. The result is often double fires.
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