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Light for 2k

  1. after an exciting early evening kanina
    I'm suddenly in the market for a good light hehe
    Whats the best light for 2t??
    Preferably small enough to fit in a beltbag , led , w/ AA batteries
    Was looking at a Maglite led , w/ 3 AA batteries, ok ba yun?
  2. Fenix lights could be found at SOE. Cree bulbs are very bright.
  3. go with the LED's super tipid sa battery, ang liwanag pa!

    i have a very small fenix LOD light. uses 1 AAA battery. pinabili ni binoy sa US.

  4. looks expensive those fenix lights :) baka lampas budget
    Doc , that light of yours mukang 2t na hehe
    I need a little bigger light, mga 2 to 3 AA batteries

    I dropped by SOE pa naman kahapon to have a knife sharpened , hindi pako tumingin ng lights
  5. Sir I think you should reconsider, Fenix lights are brighter than maglights with 2 batteries. You can get the fenix for around your budget. :)
  6. I got my mag light led 2 AA batt in the US it's bright enough for me, And it only cost me $20. Fit's belt bag w/o a problem.


  7. any particular model you can recommend that fits the budget? :)
  8. Hmmm...the lowest priced model with a CREE bulb is the LOD for 2889, the non-CREE E0 at 1089.

    Just talk to Manny or Bien, I'm sure they can work something out for you.
  9. Hmm..what's the difference sa cree and non-cree?
  10. A LOOOOT

    Just imagine: I tried it last night, I'm at the street level and flashed the P3D Cree Bulb Fenix Turbo Mode 160 lumens into the 4th to 5th floor apartment building right next to me and still highly visible white light plus the inside of the room.

  11. 2k budget?

    dagdagan mo ng lang ng konti....

    fenix ka na!

    around 2.8k to 3k yung L1D w/c uses 1 AA batt...
    cree bulb, 90 lumens.... sulit to !!!

    maglite uses 2 batts... pero mahina pa rin yung beam...
  12. highly recommended si Fenix ah
    Makapasyal nga ulit soe
    How long does the L1D AA battery last?
    Baka pwede gamitin sa night bike rides
  13. Madali po dahil po 2cm width lang po yung P3D and some L series but packs a punch, I believe SOE has the Jetbeam as well highly recommended din po yan, ang claim po sa Jetbeam is the Cadillac of Cree Bulbs.

  14. gunshow is next week , so I'll probably drop by to take a look at the lights
  15. great idea sir !!
    baka mas may discount sa gunshow... hehehehehe.....
  16. So SOE will have Fenix lights this gunshow?
  17. Sana meron. I'm adding a fenix to my shopping list. The L1d and P3d sure looks great :)

    Fenix Lights
  18. Yup, the guys will be bringing the usual great stuff they sell - taclights, knives, holsters, nylon gear . :)
  19. I was browsing Fenix's site and zeroed in on the L2D with the CREE unit. Did I read that right, 135 lumens from a pair of double A's?! That's more than twice the output of my Surefire.
  20. That's their advertised claim, you can check candlepowerforums for the real deal. It IS really bright, but keep in mind it's an LED, so incandescent (yellow bulbs) like the one in the G2 still throw further. It's a great light though.

    I got the P3D.

    Check them out at the shop.
  21. a little help my friends , lumen for me is the pretty girl in the detergent commercial

    How bright is 90 lumens? pwede pang outdoor?
    How would a 1 cell AA L1d compare to a 3 cell AA battery mini-maglite?

    9 lumens for 25 hours on a single AA? maganda pang brownouts or camping trips
  22. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lumen_%28unit%29

    Eto na lang sir: "The 2-cell AA Mini Maglite can last up to six hours on its batteries and puts out 5.30 lumens of light." from http://www.special-operations-technology.com/article.cfm?DocID=799

    The Fenix is better. :)
  23. Thanx , i'm convinced w/ the fenix
    I never thought flashlights would be this interesting
    I need more burglars para masulit yung expense :)
  24. Did anyone else experience a weird brownout tonight? I live in the Alabang area and we lost power for a short time, no real rain, but almost storm strength winds hits us and knocked the power out.

    My fenix and my JetBeam came to the rescue, especially when I had to open the gate in the dark. I used highest setting when I checked the outside of the house for any fallen tree limbs etc, and the lowest setting to light my way inside the house.
  25. fafa allegra: sulit na sulit yung fenix ko kanina! madilim kasi sa studio so kelangan meron ka ilaw to get the gear... si gundog kasi palit ng palit ng lente ng camera nya...

  26. Allegra,
    For 2K ill give away my 2AA Maglite with the LED conversion kit :supergrin:
  27. hehe I cant , my mind is set on the fenix
  28. Yap. The Fenix L2D is the one I got.

    But really for tactical use, I would still prefer my G2 Nitrolon. Incandecent bulbs I think still reigns supreme for tactical applications. 65 lumens from Surefire G2 Nitrolon is much like 135 lumens out of white LED. Much better if you have a P61 light assembly producing 120 lumens. Try focusing it in your own eyes (I did it bro). The G2's 65 lumens from an incandecent bulb is much more painful and hotter (much like searing) to the eyes than the 135 lumens from the white LED.

    The Fenix L2D though is an excellent all purpose handheld light which can do double duty as a handheld tactical light. The strobe function is superb and has tactical applications too.
  29. Sir, Pardon for the question. How would you define a "Tactical" use for a flashlight?
  30. For me I would define "tactical" as gaining an advantage over your opponent. After all that's what tactics is all about. Something like momentary incapacitation, impairing his vision, causing hin disorientation. It can also be something that allows you to effectively illuminate dark areas and identify threat. Tactical in the sense that it allows you to sustain the initiative that you already have or steal it from your opponent.

    It is interesting to note that incandescent lights allow one to see much better and discern objects and colors than white light. Have you ever driven through a white stret light? That's exactly the reason why incandescent lights are preferred to illuminate the streets. Same principle applies to handheld lights.
  31. Thanks sir. A friend was asking me regarding it. Can't explain as I have not much knowledge into these things.
  32. nice & cheap cree bulb lights indeed sir KevlarSix. :thumbsup:
    laser sights w/ gun mounts are very cheap aswell..:banana:
  33. Both the LED CREE lamps are very good and economical... will get the job done for most applications...

    But based on my experince and reliability of flashlights... I would recommend a surefire flashlight... for a just few more hundred bucks....

    Quality and Reliability === guaranteed...

    G2 Nitrolon or a 6P would be a very good investment... (2.5k ~3K???)

    If you could save alittle more... I'd suggest the 6P Defender...(around 3.5k~4.0K???)

    Fenix lights are ok.... But I'm happy and really sold with the SF Difference...

    Just my thoughts....
  34. I agree with you here bro, SFs are really made to be tactical lights, they are more durable and have been proven through the use by policemen and the military.

    I like the Fenix lights too because they're a good everyday light for normal tasks like looking for something that fell in the movie theater or checking your car engine.

    I reserve my SF's for the tasks like checking some night time noises. The Fenix is for everything else. :supergrin:
  35. Agree with you 100%...

    Musta na TOM... How's your uncle Bien & Manny Doing...

    Excited to see everyone at the GUNSHOW... Lets check out the G21SF... I might be tempted to get one.... what you think???

    Regards to all SOE + BOG peeps
  36. Hehe, I'm reserving two units - 1 for my dad, and the other for my brother. Trust Trade assures that they will have enough to meet the demand, no advice on price yet though.
  37. I'm guessing it will be in the 40~42k range...

    lets see... If I can save enough cash for a 2nd GLOCK why not...

    damn... Anyone want to buy a Glock23???

    When are visiting the GUNSHOW??? Will call/text thru BIEN... Really also want to get my hands on that G21SF... Reserve one for about 5K...

    See you there...

    My apologies to all... Back to the Topic...

    Fenix lights are good... Just visit their website --- FENIXLIGHT.COM
    Also visit SF's site ---- SUREFIRE.COM

    To each his own....
  38. you guys are so gulo ha, ano ba talaga?? hehe

    I've been using my 1 AA cell coleman for a long time so anything even slightly better would be an improvement for me
    Matibay ba ang fenix? I hope anything that expensive wouldnt crap out in a few months , I hope
  39. The same person who was with me here yesterday had a bad experience with a tactical light. His SF G2Z Nitrolon's P61 bulb burned out at the very last minute when he went to check something outside his home. Had to return inside to replace the burned out P61 bulb with the standard P60 bulb he replaced a few months ago.
  40. here's a review i saw somewhere....
  41. master A. check this out

    and optional accessory din na ito

    looks ok for me(cheap kasi ako e.
    :supergrin: )
  42. Wow... Good thing the fellow had a spare lamp...

    Always be prepared... I always say...
  43. Have a back-up light. Always have a spare. I always carry two. You never know when your going to need a spare one.

    Grab a gun and grab some extra clips. Grab a light and grab a spare light.
  44. Yes, those uber-expensive incandescent bulbs have a nasty habit of burning out at the worst possible time. As such, I usually carry two lights with me just in case. Also, I have switched my primary light to a Cree-based LED from Lumapower. I'm saving up to buy one of their MRV lights, which has very, very good throw and is sufficiently bright at 210 lumens. They are more expensive than Fenix lights, but they fit my particular needs better... mahirap kaya mag-illuminate ng bukid sa gabi :supergrin:
  45. Before we all bash incandescent lights, please try to remember that there operate at a much higher temperature than LEDs so their lifespan is decidedly shorter. They aren't meant to be used as flashlights for everyday use, or "pambugbugan" as we like to call them, but for a specific use only, either as a weapons light or a tactical light.

    That's why I have a fenix for normal use, and a 6P defender pambarog ng ulo.:supergrin:
  46. I dont even carry a wallet and now I have to carry 2 flashlights, guns, knives, batons

    Ibalik na martial law!

    Seriously , I'm now wondering what bag to carry gear , since I wear board shorts , t****rt and flipflops everyday not a great get up for concealment
  47. Master A,

    I thought you would just use your flashlight around the house?

    Anyway, if it's any consolation, I don't carry a gun outside the house. I just exercise more prudence and avoid probable troublespots.
  48. maxpedition fatboy jumbo.

    on the subject of flashlights,

    i have a surefire g2 nitrolon, i dropped it while it's on and it burned out faster than you can say "what the f..k?".

    on the other hand, i have 2 china led flashlights that i throw around lit and nothing happens. i have one that says 7w on the body and it very bright, brighter than the g2 in my opinion.

    i dont think i'm ever buying incandescent bulbs ever again.

    i'm a convert.

    i have a fenix LOD and it's the bees knees!