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    Goldberg called his son to him one day and said, "Sit down, Morris, you near the time for your Bar Mitzvah, and it's imperative you should learn of life....I will use these five fingers on my hand to illustrate my points...."
    "First, my son, we have the thumb.....this is your travelling finger...use it to hitch a free ride when you're out on the road alone, broke, destitute.....
    Second, the index finger....your emphasis finger....use it to make your point when you are in an argument, by shoving it in the other man's face or poking his chest.....
    Third, the ring, or prosperity finger....display a large diamond ring on it to show you're a man of substance, and wealth....
    The social finger....the pinkie should be left protruding when you're having tea or coffee at a nice dinner or party....shows you're a man of breeding and class!"
    Morris said, "But Papa, what about the middle finger?"
    "That's the most important one of all," answered his father, smiling...."It's the one you punch the cash register key with!"