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Lets have a dog thread

  1. While everybody is busy arguing about how dangerous Pitt Bulls are on another thread, show a picture of your best friend.

    This is Rusty.

    He is a 27 month old Belgian Malinois that I got when he was 10 1/2 months old. He is technically a retired military working dog, even though he never worked a day in his life.

    In one of my units we had a dog detachment (76 dogs) and I was going to adopt a Specialized Search (explosives) Dog who refused to work. Yes, dogs figure out that the shooting and explosions are bad things, and they will sometimes refuse to work scent.

    I was all set to adopt him, and his handler called me and said that he changed his mind and he wanted to adopt the dog. I obviously let him take him.

    Three years later my wife and I wanted to adopt another retired military working dog and decide to call one of my old NCOs to see if there were any available. He was now stationed at Lackland AFB working the Army program for MWDs.

    He told me that they had very few older dogs as they get adopted very quickly, but told me about the puppy program. They breed and raise Belgian Malinos there, and only about 1/3 make the cut. He told me that they had a bunch of puppies (there is usually a waiting list about 18-24 months long to get one) and there were three that were not spoken for yet because they just failed out of the evaluation program.

    I told him to evaluate the dogs, pick out the biggest clown and I would come pick him up.

    Two weeks later after his neuter and gastropixy was complete I drove to San Antonio and picked him up.

    Hee was kicked out of the Army because (from his discharge paperwork):

    Environmental Stability: Apprehensive Behavior in New Environments, but does recover. Shows no aggression when afraid, and seems fairly stable with most environmental factors.

    Detection Evaluation: Exhibits NO drive for primary reward (Kong), has no searching ability, and is very distractible.

    Patrol Evaluation: Exhibits no barking and no aggression in response to the threatening agitator. Will not bite a rag held by the decoy. Exhibits very "soft" and non-aggressive behavior towards the decoy, shows good social behavior even after being stressed.

    Recommendation: Eliminate from training and declare excess. NOT recommended for transfer to LEA. Adopt out.

    They actually kept him for two months longer than normal because his nose is phenomenal. He just didn't care about his reward.

    I've had him for 17 months and he is my buddy.

    He's wearing a e-collar to keep him in the yard. Malinois have a very high prey drive and he decided to chase a deer the other day.

  2. Zoe catching a nap.

    She's a rescue from a hoarder house. See how she still gathers her toys? Lessons learned, I guess.

  3. IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1375.JPG

    My 7 year old boxer
  4. IMG_1269.JPG
  5. P_20170411_112512.jpg

    Raider & Trixie, after a 'tough day'

    Post #317 ... How they got that way ....
  6. She's a cutie. My adult kids say I like the dog more than I like them.
  7. I like dogs more than I like most human beings.
  8. From left to right; Merlot, Ammo and Gallo


    Ammo is my dog; the other two are my wife's dogs. You can probably tell what our respective hobbies are.

  9. Team meeting.

  10. One Of my boys 10year old Boston Name is BOB. 010.JPG
  11. Nevermind.
  12. If FoxTerrierMom is reading this, maybe she will re-post the pic of Pork Chop I sent her.
  13. She's a Brindle
  14. IMG_1264.JPG
    Nap time, ruff day at work.
  15. Reverse brindle.
  16. Only pic I have of him...Roscoe the Black Mouth Cur, enjoying a nap in my lazy chair when he was about 3 months old.

  17. upload_2017-8-2_20-43-21.jpeg
  18. I'm always up for this.

  19. 20170621_124546.jpg
  20. What does Roscoe weigh now? I have a mix that I am sure has a lot of Cur hound in him and he goes about 110...

    Will post a pic when I figure out why Photobucket decided to revolt on me!
  21. [​IMG]
  22. IMG_1115.JPG My girl Xena watching out for her people. She's a rescued GSD that is ~3 1/2 years old. She deterred a break-in at the house in her first month with us. I'd take her to work with me every day if I could.
  23. 0728171933.jpg
    This is my girlfriends parents dog, Georgie. She was abused before she went to the pound. They rescued her minutes before she was euthanized. She is the sweetest dog I've ever met. I can't even explain how much I love her.
  24. My girl at work...

    IMG_0257.JPG IMG_0250.JPG
  25. 0728171846.jpg
  26. Rebel and one of his girls
    Newest addition, Toby, 8 week old Yorkie
  27. Hannie's dog Pork Chop

    hannie's pork chop(1).jpg
  28. PhotoBucket recently emailed users that if they don't pony up for a paid subscription, no more third party posting ...

    Hell wit 'em ... Post from your computer to GT direct ...
  29. Last vet visit had him at 88 pounds...most Curs don't get much over that, most are down around 65-75 pounds but there are some bred to be bigger (herding stock).
  30. This is my current 22 month old Czech GSD. I searched for almost 2 years before finding him. I wish I had him when I was young and pushing a black and white around! I can't say enough good things about him!

  31. Birdie, my rescued Carolina Dog, also called an American Dingo. tmp_28329-20170710_183614-1959532980.jpg
  32. Gunnar on the left and Maisy on the right. They are litter mates and 8 months old. Gunnar is the sweetest dog ever. Maisy on the other hand, can be a handful.
  33. 067.JPG My other Boy Quincy, 11years old Rat Terrier.
  34. Latest pic I have of my rescue, Spirit. He's a GSD/Lab mix.
    2017-06-03 16.20.41.jpg
  35. IMG_2568.JPG IMG_2458.JPG IMG_2882.JPG IMG_1544.JPG
  36. Hazzard. Adopted Doberman. Died 6 months ago.
  37. There's my pretty boy! Thank you FTM, you're the best!
  38. Sorry for your loss. He looked like a good one.
  39. I'm sure that was heartbreaking! My deepest sympathy for your loss.
  40. Very sorry for your loss.

    All dogs go to Heaven. Hazzard will be waiting for you when you get there.
  41. The bad thing about letting puppies sleep on chairs is eventually they grow up but think they still fit.
    Yeah, I know I have already posted this a couple of time on GT but couldn't resist. Last time, I promise.
  42. I don't know how to post pic's but you can see him in my avatar. we just lost him a few months ago. A bullmastiff , the best friend I have ever had. I miss him each and ever day.
  43. 8745.jpg
  44. So sorry for your loss!
  45. Beautiful pictures.[​IMG]
  46. The Corgis

    Magellan top center
    Marley lower left
    Jamie lower right

    And Ralphie the Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

  47. Tory
    Tory II.jpg
  48. Mine with her favorite toy.