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While everybody is busy arguing about how dangerous Pitt Bulls are on another thread, show a picture of your best friend.

This is Rusty.

He is a 27 month old Belgian Malinois that I got when he was 10 1/2 months old. He is technically a retired military working dog, even though he never worked a day in his life.

In one of my units we had a dog detachment (76 dogs) and I was going to adopt a Specialized Search (explosives) Dog who refused to work. Yes, dogs figure out that the shooting and explosions are bad things, and they will sometimes refuse to work scent.

I was all set to adopt him, and his handler called me and said that he changed his mind and he wanted to adopt the dog. I obviously let him take him.

Three years later my wife and I wanted to adopt another retired military working dog and decide to call one of my old NCOs to see if there were any available. He was now stationed at Lackland AFB working the Army program for MWDs.

He told me that they had very few older dogs as they get adopted very quickly, but told me about the puppy program. They breed and raise Belgian Malinos there, and only about 1/3 make the cut. He told me that they had a bunch of puppies (there is usually a waiting list about 18-24 months long to get one) and there were three that were not spoken for yet because they just failed out of the evaluation program.

I told him to evaluate the dogs, pick out the biggest clown and I would come pick him up.

Two weeks later after his neuter and gastropixy was complete I drove to San Antonio and picked him up.

Hee was kicked out of the Army because (from his discharge paperwork):

Environmental Stability: Apprehensive Behavior in New Environments, but does recover. Shows no aggression when afraid, and seems fairly stable with most environmental factors.

Detection Evaluation: Exhibits NO drive for primary reward (Kong), has no searching ability, and is very distractible.

Patrol Evaluation: Exhibits no barking and no aggression in response to the threatening agitator. Will not bite a rag held by the decoy. Exhibits very "soft" and non-aggressive behavior towards the decoy, shows good social behavior even after being stressed.

Recommendation: Eliminate from training and declare excess. NOT recommended for transfer to LEA. Adopt out.

They actually kept him for two months longer than normal because his nose is phenomenal. He just didn't care about his reward.

I've had him for 17 months and he is my buddy.

He's wearing a e-collar to keep him in the yard. Malinois have a very high prey drive and he decided to chase a deer the other day.


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From left to right; Merlot, Ammo and Gallo


Ammo is my dog; the other two are my wife's dogs. You can probably tell what our respective hobbies are.


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