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Let's go!

  1. Ok, who wants to go to the range this week in Elk Grove?
  2. Nate-dawg...I FINALLY got some time off. Tomorrow and Friday. PM me in here....Brett
  3. Want to ask you guys.

    It's on April 28th and 29th. It'll be my first one. Any tips? I'm going on Saturday.

  4. GG- I dont really know anything about it. Maybe you can educate us more?
  5. All right! I am down for going tomorrow at, say 10 AM? Only reason is, at 10 there is nobody there. Will you e able to make it Matt?
  6. i would love to but am not feeling well enough after the last chemo. i'm good for next week and beyond.
  7. No problem, I hope you feel better. We will defenetely set up a day next week. I will have my new barrel by then. Bought a LWD compensated for my .40. I won it off of EBay for $71.
  8. Had a great time today, to bad we couldn't have had more range time. Next time. Brett let me shoot his 9mm. Sweet Glock! I really did not see a big difference in the perceived recoil from the 9mm VS my .40 cal. It just really makes me want to buy another one. I am leaning towards the 10mm. I don't feel the need to have a smaller caliber than a 9 or a .40 as I can not carry. Still I had a blast Brett. Ok who wants to go next? LOL Hope your feeling better Matt.
  9. Well, I had to go alone again :supergrin: I had fun, but hooking up with Mark, or Brett is a lot more fun. Anybody wanna try next week?
  10. i'm ready
  11. I wouldn't mind heading over there on Saturday. I get my G27 Friday! :banana:
  12. i would like to but i just became a grandfather, woohoo.anytime after monday.