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Let's call the liberals' Second Amendment militia bluff

  1. I like it!
  2. I`ve said it for years, nobody listened. Maybe people will finally wake up that we NEED to GET ORGANIZED!
  3. I have thought about suggesting this to our local county sheriff but do not wish to be labeled the county's crackpot loon.
  4. You know what happens when people start to organize right? They got labels; White Supremacists, Nationalists, Religious Cult etc.. It has to happen fast and when it does happen, expect confrontation immediately. Not saying it shouldn't happen but people need to understand, it's not gonna be like an open-carry gathering, there may be actual combat.
  5. Yup, i`m well aware of what your saying. All i`m saying is people better start hoping for the best, but still plan for the worst. Better to get ahead of it than have it hit you by surprise. Be safe, not sorry!
  6. A Militia, does that mean people under minimum age or over maximum age are excluded from having firearms. Just curious.
  7. That's a good question, because I'm going to be 66 in 6 weeks, and I'm getting too old for boating accidents.
  8. I don't even have a boat...
  9. You have an individual right and also a collective right and duty.
  10. And there's that, too.
  11. We're already organized as the United States of America and we are protected by, and protect, it's Constitution.
  12. Interesting idea, but one that is a non-starter here in left-tilted Broward County
  13. His arguement is that everyone within the specified age range has a duty to own a so called assault weapon. So they can effectively carry out their militia role. Once you are too old for militia duty you still have the right to the gun you just no longer have a duty to the nation to have one.
  14. With the exception of Wyoming, private militias are possible. You could even draft a Charter for Family-Based Militia, with requirements, members list and have it notarized. Within the document, state that it is civilian in nature, protected by the constitution of the United States with the right to keep and bear arms in protection of life and property...


    Private militias are armed military groups that are composed of private citizens and not recognized by federal or state governments. Private militias have been formed by individuals in America since the colonial period. In fact, the Revolutionary War against England was fought in part by armies comprising not professional soldiers but ordinary male citizens.

    Approximately half the states maintain laws regulating private militias. Generally, these laws prohibit the parading and exercising of armed private militias in public, but do not forbid the formation of private militias.
    In states that do not outlaw them, private militias are limited only by the criminal laws applicable to all of society. Thus, if an armed private militia seeks to parade and exercise in a public area, its members will be subject to arrest on a variety of laws, including disturbing-the-peace, firearms, or even riot statutes.
  15. There is no maximum age
  16. When did the SCOTUS allow the states to override the Constitution?
  17. Seems pretty reasonable to me.

    I would go one step further.

    All people between the age of 18-36 will spend 2 years serving in a military branch. For this service they will not be paid. ( You do not pay student to go to school.) They will provide their own uniform and kit.

    After these two years of service they are mustered out into a militia or they may remain in the military and continue their military career.
  18. That's a cutesy article, but we cannot combat with reason the kooky Left's deranged, emotional arguments. They would merely characterize any new pseudo-militias at hate groups and seek to legislate them out of existence by that or a myriad of any other nutty responses.

    We do not win this with reason. We win this by continuing to expel the kooky Left from the halls of power (White House, Congress, etc.) and through financially starving the fake media by withholding our mouse clicks and online watching. But that is only a temporary solution. True resolution of human depravity is found only via the objective morality of the judeo-Christian ethic and a return to the nuclear family structure that made us a once-great nation.

    Everything else is just putting a band-aid on an infected wound. Pretending to have state militias won't solve anything.
  19. I'd say the people of Wyoming with time, lawyers and deep pockets could take section 19-1-106 of the Wyoming statutes to SCOTUS... It's probably a throwback law going back to the cattle baron days.
  20. Hey buddy, know where I can get a couple shotguns?...
  21. I have a boat but love my guns too much to take them out in the boat and risk them falling overboard (being inanimate objects that could not hurt anyone on their own, they also can't swim!). The majority of my guns have some sort of sentimental connection and that is the #2 reason why I don't sell or trade guns (#1 is because I don't sell or trade guns, period!!).