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Les Baer 1911 w/ Hard Chrome Slide

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This is a PII with Hard Chrome Slide & a Tasco red dot handgun scope.
The red dot handgun scope slides onto the factory dovetail - no drilling.
I have the original Bowmar adjustable that came with it also

The gun was bought new in 1999. If you call and talk to Les himself, he will tell you that the metal in this gun is far better than the metal used in new guns in the last 5 years. It has less than 800 rounds through it.

It was sent back to Les Baer about 4 years ago to have the slide hard chromed. At the same time, it was re-blued & inspected by Les Baer.
Comes with 2 Les Baer mags & original Bowmar adjustable sights.

This gun is in excellent condition. I have not shot it in 2 years & it is too nice to be a safe queen.


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