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Lehigh Valley Glockers?

  1. Lehigh Valley Glockers, reply and tell me where your shoot...I can always be found at Steel City or Easton Fish and Game, both are only a 5 minute drive from my place.
  2. I shoot at Easton Fish and Game or at my cabin in Potter County.
  3. Firing Line in Whitehall and Shimerville Rec Center in Shimerville

    Both are seriously sub-par, however.
  4. I shoot at Tri-Boro Sportsmans Club in Northampton. I live in Whitehall, so its close to home.
  5. Hellertown Sportsmans Association
  6. I shoot at Guthsville. If you see a green Benz at Guthville, say hi. Jay
  7. I shoot at The Firing Line, used to be at Palmerton gun club, haven't shoot much lately.
  8. Usually, my wife and I shoot at Guthsville. Sometimes I'll venture down to Hellertown Sportsmens for action pistol shooting. And, if I want to do some benchrest shooting at distances closer than 100 yds, I'll go to Grouse Hall.

    The fact that we still have many clubs still existing in this area is a testament to the strong firearms heritage here in the Lehigh Valley. Let's hope that the newcomers don't pollute it too much with their liberal leanings. Just my opinion.

  9. I shoot at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays all the time. Tomorrow night in fact!
    Shotguns only I'm afraid.
    If I lived up there, I'd join Guthsville.