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Lehigh Valley Area Gun Shop For GSSF Cer.

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I have a GSSF gun purchase certificate and want to get another glock but cant find any gun dealers that will honor the GSSF pistol purchase certificate! I called the three dealers listed on the GSSF web site and neither one of them will sell a gun at the discount price!
Delias gun shop in Phila.
Pa Police Supple in Coatsville Pa
Gun Toters Supply in Eynon Pa
I called all three and they all said they dont know how they got on the GSSF list.
Does anyone out there know of any dealers in a 50 mile area of the Lehigh Valley that will honor the GSSF certificate?
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I did call (Handgunners in Topton and A F Boyer) and they will act as FFL dealers if I want to have a gun shipped in from the Glock factory but they wont sell a glock at the pistol purchase price on the certificate.
If you look at the list, you'll see OMB on there. Just order what you want from them and have them ship it to Boyer. I ordered mine out of state and Boyer charged me less than $25 to transfer.

Nice thing is if you order it from out of state, you don't have to pay sales tax, so the $25 transfer fee becomes a wash...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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