Legal issues of a defaced *SLIDE* serial number.

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Taykaim, Mar 19, 2010.

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    I have an opportunity to buy a gun for fairly cheap from a friend. He bought it a few years ago in a FTF transaction.

    Its a Sig 228, and the serial on the slide is largely defaced. The frame serial is fully intact and really, those scratches are the only flaw in an otherwise great condition gun. If it weren't in such a specific spot I'd be tempted to think it had an accident or a defective metal lipped holster or something. You can still read the first couple characters and the last few, and it would seem to match the frame serial.

    I have no idea what numbnuts would decide to try and scratch off a serial in the first place (and doubly so starting with the slide?).

    What I am wondering is threefold.

    1: Does this defacement which is clearly an attempt to deserialize a part that is not legally a gun matter?

    2: Is there any reason why it would be unlawful to try and get this damage cleaned up by getting the slide refinished?

    3: For the pro and amateur gunsmiths out there, what do you do to fix deep scratches in the metal of a slide? Slap a little bond/epoxy/mystery compound #6 on it and then cerakote/duracoat/parkerize the whole thing?

    Oh, and for you folks out there that do or have done slide refinishing, if you think you know the solution here, please point me in the right direction.

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    the frame is the "gun" as far as the ATF is concerned.

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    As stated above the serial controlled item is the frame not the slide.

    If you sand any high spots off the slide scratches and then shoot it a couple times with this:

    Sand it smooth and Duracoat for a nice finish. It should come out nice. You can use a cheap airbrush. Show me a picture of the damage for further suggestions. ..........Colt