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Leftist Former CEO of Twitter Wants Americans Shot

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  2. Anyone still think BLM and Antifa aren't a revolution? Think this isn't real? Wake up people!
  3. What a dick.
  4. Vote Trump! MAGA2.0!
  5. He'll provide commentary because he's too much of a scared ***** to do anything himself.
  6. Oh well.
  7. Paraphrase: "You evil capitalists, how dare you support the very system that made me rich. Bastards!"
  8. "Twitter stock went up 8% in after hours trading" just on the announcement that he was leaving in 2015.
  9. Not only only that, ... but it was the liberal-Dems in Congress, like Biden, who created the very business-deductions and 'write-off' expenses in the federal tax code that allowed so-called 'Me-first' capitalists (businessmen like Trump) to 'harvest' their losses and investment costs over the decades so, in net effect, those losses and depreciations off-set what they otherwise would've been required to pay in taxes.

    It was all legal, and these tax 'rules' were established back in the late '80s and '90s.

    If they don't like the outcome now, they shouldn't have made those rules.
  10. Funny: I'll bet he has never experienced war or real violence ever. The fools that want this have no idea what it really looks like.

    The old saying "careful what you wish for" comes to mind.
  11. Like those Antifa/BLM rioters, strutting around like Che Guevara until someone pops 'em. As soon as that happens, they start crying like babies.
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  13. They’re likely to end up just like Che in Bolivia:

    “I don’t know. Maybe it was a mistake to come to Bolivia America.”

  14. First name checks out...
  15. I reported his tweet for promoting violence. I suggest that all of you do the same.
  16. "Heil Dick"

  17. Twitter won't take it down. They only censor conservatives. The leftist violence tweets are just fine.
  18. He deleted it. He doesn't have the balls to stand behind his comment.
  19. But didn't you watch the debate? Joe said Antifa is "just an idea." C'mon, man!
  20. It was just up minutes ago. He may have either been forced to delete it, or it was deleted for him due to me reporting it.
  21. It was gone when I posted.
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  23. Same as all the other Democrats, always talking about violence then doing violence. supported by K. Harris and doof Biden. They have been talking violence against Trump even before he was elected. The leftist press just ignores it.
  24. I kind of want that for some of the rioters and looters so I'll not condemn him too bad. :fred:
  25. He does understand that if we ever see a revolution, as he puts it, that we're the ones with the guns, right?

    Not the sharpest pencil in the drawer...
  26. He may find out how good his paid security team is......
  27. Americans shoot back ....
  28. It seems that an alarming number of young leftists are now buying a lot of guns, ammo, and reloading components. A GT user on the GT Reloading forum has been tracking the activity. He's reporting that young techie types are creating aps to scrape websites to gobble up inventory the moment it becomes available for sale.
  29. Bullets go both ways, Mr. Costolo.
  30. I’d love to be toe to toe / face to face with him so he could tell me to my face I should be shot for my beliefs. I believe he’d regret it due to the outcome of that conversation. Dick is a very fitting name for her
  31. Does Mr. Costolo realize what it is called when "business" and "society" are not formally separated? Previous leaders advocating that form of "organization" have ended up hanging upside down on a meat hook in Milan. Perhaps Costolo should reconsider. :D

  32. I used to say that alot . But now iam thinking more and more they are expecting the government to do it for them.
  33. It's still there. You have to look under "Tweets & replies".
  34. Will the real fascists and wannabe tyrants please stand up? :rolleyes:
  35. What a lot of people can't comprehend, is that these leftists would not be satisfied until their opposition is tortured and executed for their beliefs, because that is the way their minds work.

    It is a very real threat.
  36. That guy needs to be whacked.

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  37. Hey pansy I live in Helena Alabama. Come on down and we will show you around.
  38. My cousin married a guy who retired out as a multimillionaire at 40. He lives in Ecuador to maximize his money. He was talking on Facebook about antifa isn't so bad and he would join in on a protest with them. If they took over his money would be gone. They would put him back to work at slave labor income or shoot him to save the time.
  39. I understand all the rhetoric and hatred for this guy...BUT...[We] have the power to change Twitter...either don't join up or cancel and quit using it...the ultimate expression of Capitalism at work...if we all "quit" they would fold...even if just conservatives with a Twit account would cancel...even that would send a clear message
  40. I've never signed up to be a twit.

    Nor do I do Facebook.

    There's enough other suckers who can willingly line the pockets, and support the political dogma, of the rich and newly entitled people who run those platforms.

    Man, just participating in GT and some other internet forums is tedious and draining enough ...
  41. Done.

    Facebook also.
  42. I feel ya bro...
  43. Great!...I hope it is contagious!
  44. that is good. Increases the odds of the stoopid inept mofos of shooting each other
  45. The effin dbag is worth $300 million. Why doesn't he give 99% away, leaving him with a paltry $3mil
  46. He’d better be careful talking about a revolution where people get lined up against the wall and shot.

    That may not work out for Hollywood/Silicon Valley/Media types the way they think it will.

    We’re living in some scary times... and their wealth does not make them immune.
  47. Double tap.