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Leftist: 5-Year-Old Boy Deserved to be Shot in the Head For His “White Privilege”

  1. That is about the most racist thing I have ever heard.
  2. Given what I have witnessed with BLM and ANTIFA and their patrons in the Democratic Party, I am not at all surprised by those comments (or the actions of the murderer).
  3. from what i can recall, prisoners do not like people that abuse, hurt, harm children

    he shall soon die himself, and i hope it is torturous.
  4. I don't have that level of faith in the prison system. I believe he will be widely accepted by those of his own kind/belief system in prison.
  5. Comments made by ignorant people that think the internet gives anonymity. It is easy to make comments and threats from behind a keyboard. Much harder to take it to the street. Someone got bold in Austin, and paid for it with his life.

    I don't recall anyone on this board (and we have some duzzies) that ever was this callous about the murder of a child. Actual children do not deserve this, no matter heinous their parents maybe be. 5 year olds don't have any privilege, even if the are the President's child. They lived next door, how much more privilege could they have than the shooter. They are just children.

    This sickens me. The responses in the article are deserving of exposure of the writers.
  6. We all know what needs to be done to inhumane trash like that, and it's not coddling him with free room, food, gymnasium, law library, medical and dental care for the next 15-20 years while he waits for a needle to the arm so he can peacefully go to sleep.
  7. That response from the leftist thug is just one of many that have come out. One real sad thing is the media will not cover the death and or any of the hatred from these sick people. If the situation was reversed it would be covered 24/7. It is sickening they get a platform to spew their racist hatred. There will be a reckoning for the media and politicians that support this leftist agenda. The networks will not even mention his name "Cannon Hinnant" a five year old boy murdered out of hatred for his color?! Who is really racist here? Citizens of all colors need to wakeup and see the left for what it is. What matters is the Constitution!
    “The Second Amendment is timeless for our Founders grasped that self-defense is three-fold: every free individual must protect themselves against the evil will of the man, the mob and the state.” --- Tiffany Madison
  8. Almost as sad as the kid dying is this ridiculous info-wars esque website using his death and online postings from a freaking taco bell worker to manipulate peoples emotions and sew divide among us with a poor article and inflammatory headline.
  9. So it's game on?
  10. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. The whole article is about two posts from a comment section.

    Is that what we've come to that we consider the kind of garbage content creator that would write an article about random internet comments worthwhile to post?
  12. So what you're saying is that because the site is not up to your standards and the comments are not up to your standards, the content in invalid. Got it. Look, you can feel free to bugger off but I am having a hard time fathoming ANYONE making statements like those that I read. What kind of sick mother****er thinks like that?
  13. FIFY
    Nope, nowhere near as sad as a 5YOA being executed.
  14. Better than that use up some of the fentanyl or even better, carfentanyl that China has flooded the US with. Just a pinch on his tongue and la la land he goes, straight shot to hell. Don
  15. No child deserves to die.
  16. They suck scum from the gutter. They value no life let them kill themselves like they do in Chicago. I won't stop them.
  17. I see this as two separate issues.
    Nut-job (Black) scumbag kills innocent (white) child.

    Mouth Running BLM crowd revels in the death.

    We don’t know (do we?) that color had anything to do with the murder.

    The BLM comments are ridiculous. No sane people wish or celebrate death to any children.
  18. is there a way the resuscitate this scum bag after he is tortured killed so we can kill him again and again.
  19. And therein lies the problem. These are the same people who put others in cattle cars.
  20. Except the two soulless bastards involved in THIS MURDER.
  21. In other parts of America today:

    A child drowned in a pool or bathtub

    A car accident killed an entire family

    Several children may die by fire, or may be killed in an animal attack.

    And the list could go on, with almost any horrific story inviting vile comments from the insane with a cell phone.

    Not really seeing a trend here, other than there are predatory buttholes amongst us, and other buttholes who hope to provoke a response to a tragedy with inflammatory comments.

    In other news, tonight it will get dark.
  22. These are accidents. This was not. Did people really say the children deserved to die for their race, in these accidents? If not you are creating a straw man.
    Or did you make all of it up? There is no comparison.

    Yes people regularly stir stuff up, and they need to be called on it. But so do those that make the statements that children need to die, just because of their race.
  23. I have an idea for the murderer and those who would say **** like was said in those responses. The family of that boy have to be absolutely broken, and people come along and talk about how his "white privileged ass deserved it?" **** those *******s. They don't deserve to continue drawing breath.

  24. People say terrible stuff all the time. This is not an article about the NAACP, the Democratic Party, etc making a statement. It's an article about a freaking comment on an article.

    It's the same as writing an article about a comment from a homeless person, or writing an article about something written on the bathroom wall.

    I would be embarrassed to have my name associated with this kind of ignorant inflammatory drivel, and I would be very upset if someone I loved had passed and their death used in such a way.
  25. Black Looters Murder.
    Sic semper tyrannis.
  26. Good posts

    How people can not fathom this is actually kind of scary.

    You people are getting upset about comments from a guy that works at Taco Bell. Is what he said wrong, well yeah, but he has a right to be an ignorant ass.

    I for one am glad he posted his comments. It shows everyone exactly who he is and how he thinks, and that's a good thing.
  27. Just say when.
  28. So we shouldn't get upset that a guy posted that he is glad a 5Y was executed because of white privilege?? Where he works is immaterial. The guy is a racist POS that is stealing oxygen. He does have a right to say it, you are right about that.

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  29. You’re wasting your time with these guys. Hell, they’ve probably said worse.
  30. Yup...remember the old saying...don't feed the trolls.
  31. before I’m too old to really get my money’s worth
  32. I don't believe there were two people involved in the murder. The two people mentioned bu the OP were people who had commented on a related article.
  33. There is no way you cannot attribute this death to the accommodative stance big corporations, leftist politicians and the media have taken to the violence committed by BLM.

    This will get worse and crimes increasingly more heinous as the lack of consequences embolden them.

  34. Yes, anonymous Taco Bell workers who randomly spout vile nonsense into the interwebz void are really a serious problem.

    Glad you're "on it " for us all.

    I know I'll sleep safer .
  35. Until the inevitable backlash, which will likely be extremely violent.
  36. that HAS to be the plan. Whoever controls the media seemingly wants that to happen.
  37. This is an outrage! I can't wait for the purge!
  38. That's for you to decide. I'm not upset about it. I recognize him as being ignorant and wrong. But I'm not going to be outraged by his idiocy. If I let every idiot on the internet upset me, life would be miserable.

    If it rocks your world, so be it.

    Nope, I've never said anything even remotely close to that. I just recognize that an idiot's comments aren't newsworthy. This is literally a news story about a mouth breathers FB comments.
  39. i think what people are reacting to is the double standard. If Someone with something to lose (a career usually) gets exposed as having a black face picture from a party 25 years Ago, or declines catering a gay wedding, they make the news, everyone knows their name, tremendous effort goes in to identify them, they get fired and everyone wishes them death a ruin on social media.

    here you have a max level sickening display and it’s ignored by the same outlets who will shame and cancel a Hawaiian bar not owned by a true Polynesian Hawaiian.

    people are sick of the hypocrisy and I don’t blame them
  40. ......And have brainwashed the last two generations to the point of subverting history and generating hate of this great country.
  41. Fair point, and I don't disagree with you on the frivolity of cancel culture.

    But I'm not sensing that's where the outrage is coming from on this thread. People seem to be upset that a dumbass who can barely speak English said something stupid.
  42. because there were once white nationalist groups and the media insists that its Trump’s fault and deplorables fault.
    This has to be BLM’s fault.
    And when the NFL recognizes it, we can shut up.
  44. Come on man! Here's every single one of your posts in this thread and not a single one of them mentions the double standard that applies to cancel culture in America. So quit acting like that is what you've been saying all along.

    You're upset because someone on the internet said something dumb. I happen to think that is foolish.


  45. Thats the beauty with the Rattan cane. Beat him unconscious, bring him around and repeat.

    Then call Deputy Tom over with the wood chipper, he takes over and I go home grille a steak and sleep like a baby.
  46. Never gonna happen, which is your point, and I agree with that.