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Left to right, or right to left?

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Hello Mas - Not necessarily a SD question, but couldn't find a forum on general action pistol shooting, so I thought I'd run this past you. I met you at an IDPA match in Phoenix several years ago and enjoyed our brief conversation, so I know you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Shooting a match like the IDPA Classifier, there's an el Presidente string and as a right handed shooter I've typically shot the three targets after pivoting to the right around my gun hand, going left to right. It seems natural, and then reloading and making the head shots coming back, from right to left.

Any recommendations either way and reasoning behind your thoughts?

Once again, thanks much for sharing your wisdom in these matters.

(P.S. - I'm shooting my bone stock Gen 4-19 in the CCP division of a Classifier in the morning and will probably do a lot of 'visualizing' the weak hand and 20-yard shots. Hope I get a good night's sleep and can pin down an Expert classification to go with my SSP Expert achievement a few years ago under the old rules, with the larger head shots.)
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There's not a heck of a lot of difference, but you can game it a bit to shave some fractions of seconds.

Most folks shoot left to right because we Americans read left to right, and it just "seems natural." However, consider hand dominance and eye dominance.

First, for those not familiar with it El Presidente, created decades ago with one's back to the targets El Pres requires a 180 degree pivot to engage three targets ten meters behind you. Two shots on each, reload, two more shots on each, timed.

Pivoting around your gun hand is the fastest way to do an El Pres (though an outward step to your left might be more tactically sound with an attacker close and directly behind you), so you're good there. IDPA rules don't let you clear the holster until the gun is downrange. Now we start getting into "it depends" country.

If you're squarely facing the center target in the array as your pistol clears the holster, the target on the far right will require slightly less movement to come up on if you go for it first. If you are right handed AND right eye dominant, your left eye will be giving you a better view of the next target you're going to after that first one, and speed your transition.

If you've shot the first six rounds right to left, your muzzle will be pointing slightly leftward as you go to slidelock, and most right-handed shooters tilt their muzzle a little left on a reload anyway. This means it will be very slightly faster to come up on the left-most target as you close the slide to begin your second six shots. Because of all this, you might be a wee bit faster going right to left for your first six targets, and left to right for the second six.

Give it a try each way on a timer. It's the best way to find out what works for YOU.

Good luck,
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