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Lee Classic Loader Kit .30-06

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My wife ordered me one of these in .30-06 for an early Christmas gift:

I really like the idea of something I can bring to deer camp and make rounds on the spot. This looks like a good way to learn reloading, .30-06 is a good round for a kit like this, and no major space or cost commitment. Right now I don’t have the space for a proper press as it is (I did see those Lee portable hand presses but that feels like overkill for me right now). The kits are highly rated online, and I know a few people who have used them and liked them. I also ordered a case prep kit with a chamfer and a few other tools, and already have a smithing hammer and a funnel. I have some ok ones, but I’ll be getting some better calipers in the near future.

I really want to keep the whole package very basic and small, but is there anything else I should consider? Anyone have any experience with these kits? Any other advice would also be appreciated.
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Using the measuring cups are not accurate enough for my use and limits you with loads. I would at least get a decent beam scale and weight each charge more accurately.
You can get pretty good results with a powder scoop. Are you trying for the tightest group you can get? if so what type of shooting are you doing? For the OP I would recommend this so you can try different loads.
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