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Lee auto disk powder measure

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Anyone here using the Lee auto disk powder measure?

I have one that i was reviewing the data on and have a question.

Loading 9mm with Unique and the chart that comes with it shouws that the .57 disk should be approximated 5.2 grains, but upon measuring the throw, the scale (lee scale) indicated 4.4 grains.

When i use the .61, should be around 5.6 but scale shows the throw at 4.8.

ive zered the scale many times so i'm confident in its accuracy, and realize the data fr the disk Lee provides are approximates, but does everyone else experience such a great variance?
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The drum is much nicer than the disk. Especially from an adjustability standpoint. I still use my disk though. I have holes sanded out and marked for specific loadings. It's reliable and accurate, just not easily adjustable. I'll second unclebob's recommendation on the Dillon Eliminator. Quality scale for only $75.
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