Leave it like you found it

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    Mr. Sneed is sitting behind the counter of his business -Acme Pest Control. An attractive, well-dressed woman walks in>

    "Hello, what can I do for you?"

    "I have an unusual request. Could you get me four live mice and fifteen cockroaches?"

    "I could, but it will take some time. Let me see that would cost you $10.00."

    "That's fine. Try to get them by Saturday if you can."

    Mr. Sneed is ambitious and he rounds up the critters in one day. He call the woman and she comes to his office. She pays him the ten dollars and picks up the small boxes containing the bugs and mice.

    "Can I ask you what you're going to do with those mice and roaches?"

    "Sure, you can. My husband is a minister of a church. They fired him last week. They told us to getout of the parsonage and leave it just the way we found it. So I'm doing just that."

    Moral: Don't bug pastor's wives or they may bug you.