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Leaked: Dems protesting plans for SCOTUS nomination

  1. See, "Social Media"- is the problem. I do not engage in any of it, other than trolling here on GT. These escalations of hatred, anger and violence have absolutely escalated immensly since the invention of- you guessed it- "Social Media". Think back about 20 years or so to a time when the world was not engaged 24/7 with itself being transmitted all over the world via some pocket sized electronic squawk box. I grew up and got along JUST FINE before the world devolved into such crap, and I have no reason to jump into that slime pit now.
    I also own a few vehicles with manual transmissions.
  2. Social media isn't the problem. Traitorous pinko commie Marxist globalist Satan worshipping leftists are the problem.
  3. So now we know in advance what talking points and slogans KindofBlur and TacticMess are going to pester us with until Trump's Justice is confirmed.
  4. Well, not tacit mesa. He got smacked with the ban hammer.
  5. #LetThePeopleDecide ?

    We did. We elected Trump to do EXACTY this - nominate conservative judges who respect the core of the Constitution on which this nation was founded.

    I might start using that hashtag...
  6. I usually find myself agreeing with you. Not here - 'social media' is a petri dish for the above.
  7. How can you tell?
  9. Come on, man. This can't be true. We were just starting to bond. :drunk:
  10. Thanks.
  11. But Social media is their primary tool for communication/coordination and the creators of those platforms are like-minded and devoted to the cause.

    Other than forums, I avoid. The world would be better off without it. Its a place for propaganda, disinformation, self validation for the vain, destroys lives, etc. I'm pretty sure it also contributed to the end of my marriage. All these companies care about are forwarding their political agenda, datamining, clicks and ad revenue.

    There are other ways to keep in touch with family/friends.
  12. Right there with you. Sorry to hear about your marriage. Social media is a festering haven for nothing but hatred and bullying and everything you stated above. Hopefully the smart ones know how it affects everyone and don't fall for its invisible cancerous effect.
  13. While I agree about social media being a problem, I believe it started earlier with Ted Turner's 24/7 cable news networks.

    After a while, repeating the same news got boring, so thus, the invention of fake news. It morphed into:

    "Let's tell the sheep what to think! "

    The left got rich and bought up the competition, thought that they were smarter than the rest of us and now are the propaganda arm of the socialists/ commies.

    Thanks to Al Gore's invention, along with Steve Jobs smart phone, we now have a means to spread the propaganda in an extremely
    rapid and coordinated fashion.
  14. They can protest all they want... have at it. As soon as they start coordinating and supporting riots, round them up. Time to start playing by the rules with these A-holes.
  15. I say this rhetorically, but Trump is doing his official duty as President. I would expect any other President to do the same thing.