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Picked up the used LC9s this morning and took it to the range along with my LC9 and G43. The LC9s shot just fine with one exception. Using the 9-round magazine I had a couple of FTF and one weird quasi-stovepipe where the entire unfired round was bullet up in the ejection port. But it was only with the Perfecta 115 FMJ. No issues at all with Federal 115 FMJ, Remington 115 HP or Gold Dot 124+P. Eat all that up without a hitch. Compared the Perfecta bullet shape with the other offerings and it was a tad longer than the Remington HP's and more rounded. So figuring it just didn't like the Perfecta with that 9-round magazine.

Can't complain with the accuracy with the LC9s. Easily capable of head shots at 20+ yards. It's a light gun so it does have recoil but that's par for the course with this type of pistol.

Overall pleased and the wife gave it a thumbs up. Figure since she already CCW's a LC9s this one can be a night stand gun for her. That way, either way, she's familiar with the platform.

As far as the LC9, well mine has a very smooth trigger. Yes it's a long DA pull but as I've mentioned before, I'm use to DA trigger pulls that are much heavier so this is like butter to me. Works just fine for my 'kick around the house/yard' gun.
Thanks for the report. Sounds decent enough
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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