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Laws pertaining to firearms

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    Laws Pertaining to Firearms and Explosives Unlawful Act & Penalties

    SOP No. 13 Firearms Licensing (2008)
    Republic Act No. 8294
    Presidential Decree No. 1866
    Republic Act No. 4
    Presidential Decree No. 1728
    Presidential Decree No. 9
    General Order No. 6
    General Order No. 7
    General Order No. 7-A
    Laws and Circulars Pertaining to Firearms and Explosives License, Fees & Charges

    Executive Order No. 580
    Executive Order No. 256
    Executive Order No. 58
    Laws Pertaining to Firearms Amnesty

    New - Executive Order No. 817
    Executive Order No. 585
    Executive Order No. 390
    Executive Order No. 171
    Executive Order No. 122
    Executive Order No. 122-A
    Executive Order No. 122-B
    Executive Order No. 107
    Presidential Decree No. 1723
    Laws Pertaining Gun Clubs

    Executive Order No. 194
    Executive Order No. 164
    PNP Ciculars, IRR and Guidelines

    Police on Wanted Firearms
    Policy on Category 2
    PNP CIRCULAR 2011-005
    Guidelines in the Issuance of PTCFOR
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 5 - Disposition of Captured, Confiscated, Surrendered and Deposited (CCSD) Firearms, Explosives and Ammunition
    AMMENDED PNP CIRCULAR NO. 07 - Rules and Regulations governing the Establishment Operation and Maintenance of Gun Clubs
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 9 - Policy on Firearms and Ammunition Dealership/Repair
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 10 - Policy on Manufacture of Firearms, Spare Parts, Accessories and Ammunition
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 11 - Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Manufacture, Importation, Exportation, Sale, Possession, Carrying of Airsoft Rifles/Pistols and Operation of Airsoft Game Sites and Airsoft Teams
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 12 - Demilitarization of Military Munitions and Explosive Ordnance Items
    PNP CIRCULAR NO. 14 - Rules and Regulations Governing the Conduct of Sanctioned High Powered Rifle Matches, Shooting Ranges, Equipment, Range Etiquette and Storage and Issuance of Transport Permit
    IRR Explosives - Administrative regulations and control on the illegal/unlawful possession, manufacture, dealing in, acquisition or disposition of firearms, ammunition or explosives or instruments used in the manufacture of firearms, ammunition or explosives
    Other Laws & References

    Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Agency
    Batas Pambansa Blg. 881 - Election Omnibus Code
    Rules and regulations governing the administration and enforcement of Presidential Decree Nr. 1866 dated 29 June 1983 as amended by Republic Act Nr. 8294, dated 60 June 1997.