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Law Enforcement (some civilian) Firearms training in Evansville, Indiana

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Hard Target
Firearms Training Academy

Come train with the best firearms trainers in our area. Our professional law enforcement staff collectively has over 60 years of law enforcement experience and over 50 years of firearms instruction experience. Our staff is comprised of SWAT Team members, FTO’s and Firearms Instructors. We are the only Firearms Training Academy in the Tri-State area that offers this kind of professional experience.

Whether you want to update your training with handguns, shotguns or patrol rifles we can accommodate your training needs at a very reasonable price. We offer unprecedented firearms & tactical training. All of our courses are approved by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the NRA Law Enforcement Training Division, and the National Association of Field Training Officers.

The bad guys don’t stand a chance!

Law Enforcement Courses

101 Basic Patrol Rifle
102 Close Quarters Patrol Rifle
103 Basic Shotgun
104 Close Quarters Shotgun
105 Close Quarters Handgun
106 Advanced Pistol Operator Training
107 3-Gun Survival Firearms Training
108 Low-Light Survival Firearms Training
109 Law Enforcement Cruiser Survival Firearms Training
110 Survival Firearms Training for Motor Units (Motorcycle Units)
111 Survival Firearms Training for Bicycle Units
112 Concealed Carry Survival Firearms Training (For off duty & plain clothes assignments)
113 Narcotics Unit Survival Firearms Training
114 Force on Force Building Search (Simunition building search scenarios)
115 Force on Force Law Enforcement Scenarios (Simunition assorted scenarios)
116 Force on Force S.T.O.P.S. Training (Simunition car stop scenarios)
117 Force on Force SWAT Scenario Training (Simunition SWAT scenarios for your entire SWAT Team)

Prerequisites are mandatory before some of these classes can be performed.

For more information contact the Hard Target Firearms Training Academy for pricing and training dates.

Train hard so you can become a… Hard Target!

Stay Safe & Shoot Straight

For more information contact: Guy Minnis at 812-483-5443 or Email at [email protected]

Hard Target Firearms Training Academy
5610 Creekstone Drive
Evansville, Indiana 47711