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    Little Eddie loved school, and had not missed any school in years. One day the morning bell rang, school started, and no Eddie. Well, this was rural somewhere in the south, and no phones around. About eleven, after they'd given up on Eddie, he shows up, tired, with small patches of blood still on him. After they'd determined he was okay, they demanded an explaination.

    Well, my daddy has a lot of chickens, and he don't like losing them, expecially to no varmint. About four o'clock we wuz rousted out by a noise out by the chicken coop. My daddy jumped out of bed, grabbed his 12 ga. twice barreled scattermatic, and went out to see what was the matter. Well, my daddy sleeps in a short nightshirt, and as he was getting close to the chickens, his big old blue tick hound stuck his cold, wet nose under the back of that night shirt to see what was there. Well teacher, we been cleaning chickens since just after four o'clock this morning.