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Last Resort for Richmond Scores

  1. Okay gals and guys. The GSSF crew has been swamped. And we understand. So, what if we all just post our own scores here on the board. You know you keep them. I have to know where I fit in. I shot my best ever a 105+change. I am thinking it will take a sub 100 to make the top 10. What did everyone shoot?

  2. I shot a 119 and change!
    You might be in the A class money with a 105, check out last years scores!
  3. My 150 may be bad enough for B-class awards:rolleyes:

    Jerry shot a 78, Michael an 80 and Rodney a high 90's for Team Sidearmor.:cool:

    I am disappointed that GSSF Staff has not kept it's word about scores in two weeks. I'll not offer excuses for them in the future.:(
  4. DannyR,

    It would appear by the delay that they are not "Spreading the wealth" of work among the people in Ga. ;f

    Back to my bridge.
  5. I feel your pain, My wife is wearing out the key board trying to see if they posted the results on GSSFONLINE!!!!! So now I get to put up with "I wonder how I did" every hour :) But I love the fact that she is shooting and that is all that matters.
  6. Actually I had a 76.93 in AmCiv. This is merely a lesson in patience. :)
  7. Am. Civilian

    FireGlock 76.93
    Jerry 78.+
    Micheal 80.+
    Rodney 95.+
    Dayton 105.+
    DannyR 150.+

    Okay, where are the rest of you. Probably 350 shooters in Richmond.
    Lets see what you got!

  8. Are the scores posted? I have web tv and can't use Adobe reader.
  9. No, not yet. Crossing fingers for Monday. Looking forward to Waldorf. Should be 4 of us going up and maybe a New Shooter.
    See everyone there.

  10. You're dreaming. :)
  11. Dreaming isn't even close!;e

    Back under my bridge.;)
  12. 79? I'm hoping to get into triple digits this year ;j

    Seriously, last year in Richmond was my first GSSF competition. I KNOW the bullets came out of my gun, but where they went seemed to be a mystery.

    This year, after a few of these under my belt, I had three misses total and that was the first thing I was working on. Next is trying to shave seconds off.

    As I said last year, it occurred to me that if you take an extra 2 seconds to shoot and you hit the target, you have already cut your score by 3 seconds in the worst case.

    THAT'S why I'm dying to see the scores. I know I did better, just don't know where I stand.

  13. Nevermind:rolleyes:
  14. Roger on the "Never Mind". Looks like the "NUT" didn't even drop OFF the tree --------YET:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: