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Lasers illegal?

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:crying:I bought the Streamlight TLR-2 for my G19, and just recently found out laser devices are illegal in Mich, I am going to look throgh my Mich firearms booklet, just wanted to know if anybody else heard of this.
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Lasers are illegal in Michigan for hunting, unless you are blind* or hunting certain critters. I do believe they are ok for self defense or target shooting.

*I believe you can use lasers for shooting raccoons out of a tree after your dogs have treed them. I don't hunt with dogs, so I'm not sure. AND I seem to remember reading that if you’re blind, you can have a safety spotter with you to tell you when your dot is on your game.

p.s. grammer police, yes I know you should not start a sentence with “and” , I just don’t care.:tongueout:

p.s. grammer police, yes I know you should not start a sentence with “and” , I just don’t care.:tongueout:
Grammar Police here.... Yes, the word is "grammar", with an "a". Unless you're referring to Fraiser Crane (Kelsey Grammer)? I didn't know he had his own police! :laughing:
(Just kidding!)
Lasers are legal for SD use handguns. Expensive, but legal (and worth every penny).
Although the DNR may have it's own rules for hunting, there is nothing in Michigan law that prohibits the use of laser sighting devices. A friend of mine spotted an odd line in the Big Blue Book of Firearms Rules a couple of years ago about lasers and "directed energy" weapons, but it was plain that they weren't talking about laser sights. They were talking about RAY GUNS.

That's right -- if the Enterprise crew ever beams down to Michigan, they'll be arrested for packin' their PHASERS!!! Amazing that our wonderful legislature frittered away their time (on our dime) to worry about weapons that, for the time being, exist only in fiction.

As for laser sights, mount 'em up and turn 'em on. If they're under 5mW, they're legal anywhere. If they're under 20 watts, they're OK unless you're using them for entertainment purposes, which will then require a variance.

(Big thanks to SAFR's legal God, Jim Simmons, who cleared up this issue for me many moons ago.)
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